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Why the hell cant clerics keep any of their spells? It’s seriously crap
so i joined this covenant with like 20 souvenirs in my inventory, offered them all, and i still dont have darkmoon blade, i'm offering more and more but really I dont know whats going on, I already have it on another character but I'm just trying to complete the miracle trophy and dont wanna have to do it on my other character
Does the dark moon blade work on halberd like the black knight halberd???
The standard halberd and the gargoyles halberd can accept this weapon buff. The Giants and black knight cannot. Although if you infuse any halberd(turn it into the lightning or fire version) then you can't add a spell buff.
Is Darkmoon blade better than sunlight blade?


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i believe it is slightly but dont quote me on it, its usually the meta for pvp builds, never see anyone using sunlight so there is probably a reason
Is it possible to have more than one by drop from another player?


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You can't trade any kind of spell.