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Mini Shoggoths
These guys are wierdly strong. Don't underestimate them until you learn their timing.
Actually, from what I've seen they're really weak to bolt, not fire. Completely obliterate them with a Tonitrus.
These living blob enemies have been present throughout the Soulsbourne franchise. Out of all the enemies, these things freak me out the most. I remember the first time one dropped onto my head in DS1 and it freaked me the ***** out to see my character digested alive.
The blacksky eye will one shot these guys regardless of your arcane level, aslong as you can use the item, so I would say aquiring 16 arcane so you can use is worth it if you feel like these are too much of a bother.
That's not true at all. Might work for layer 1/2 pthumeru but a flamesprayer would be similarly useful
Is it good for your hair?
Basically, a literal piece of*****