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I think the bird's name might be Ferno, as in "inferno".
I accidentally hit Ferno with a sword with some fire damage and I got the phoenix egg as well
Holding onto it grants the warm status for whoever is carrying it. Nice for going into fight where cold damage is being thrown around, I guess.
NVM must've been an earlier patch. No warm status. Just a 2500g egg.
Holding the egg grants the status effect 'Warm' to whichever character is carrying it
His name is FeRno not fermo, just fyi.
You get the exp when the egg appears, not for eating/taking it.
Let me get this straight: The egg will never ever hatch?
Idk, I have finished the game twice, with diff endings even, and the egg never hatched :/
It should when u finish the game with the egg in your bagage the hole game
I received 40350xp for killing the chicken with a fire arrow
If you keep the egg in your inventory the whole game and fully beat the game. No matter what ending the egg will hatch on the very final boat scene and it will be a pheonix hatchling named ferno