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I took the "clutch claw basics" optional with LS and he said "this weapon is good for getting slinger ammo" does anyone know if other weapons get different ammo types or if they get an entirely different effect? I usually get pierce ammo
I think he meant the clutch claw itself. When you attach to a monster and do a weapon attack, the monster will usually drop slinger ammo. I dont think the weapon type matters.
It does change depending on weapon with a heavy weapon(pretty sure it's just hammer, GS, SA, HBG) it will sound the monster on the first hit and not drop ammo. Light weapons are everything else and the first hit will drop ammo and second will wound. Pretty sure ammo is random.
From what I can tell it works like this: Lighter weapons (dual blade, LS, SnS, LBG, Bow, IG) will drop slinger ammo, with a second clutch claw attack then weakening the same bodypart along with more ammo. The heavy weapons weaken the bodypart immediately but don't drop ammo. I've noticed the ammo dropped depends on the monster. I've had Thorn Pods from Diablos, Barroth, Jyruatodus and other similarly "heavy" monsters. I've had Piercing pods from lighter fanged monsters like Great Jagras, Tobi Kadachi, Odogaron etc I've had bomb pods from any monster that makes heavy use of fire in their attacks, including both Raths, Anjanath and the like. Hope this helps.
A friend of mine just used the clutch claw when Anjanath jumped at him... And got some crazy animation of him slam-dunking the thing into the ground! We're gonna try to replicate it and get a recording!
Even without the clutch claw, I've seen an Anjanath jump and end up doing a back flip onto its face. I'm pretty sure it's something damage based and not directly related to the clutch claw.
As the other comment noted, this is a natural phenomenon with Anji, but if you want to experience a similar feeling against ANY monster, I suggest trying out the Lance's counter claw attack, which counters an attack with a guarantied clutch claw followup that the monster can't knock you out of.
This item is actually horrible. It ruins the integrity of combat and turns the game into a spamfest. Only bad players use this item.
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Agreed. The meta now involves jumping onto the monster's face every few seconds for the entire hunt... or apparently just clinging onto its body and doing nothing for a lot of players. This is ridiculous.
Lol you're a newb if you don't use the clutch claw.
y can't i use the clutch claw even though i have monster hunter world iceborne physical copy
Literally the most useless and stupid item in all of MHW
All these other people complaining about the clutch claw but it's made killing monsters so much faster with the tenderized spots. You don't have to use it if you don't like it, but it's an option for everyone else. Don't even have to play with other players if them using it bothers you so much.
If someone isn't using the clutch claw than they are newb.