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I have been having trouble lately with being a watchdog, whenever I get summoned, its always this guy and a phantom that gang up on me. The other phantom is always there and they have never attacked each other Is this some sort of unknown PVP etiquette kinda thing or something else?
And for anyone wondering, I'm not a big PVP guy, a good duel every now and then is fun and all but I just want to have fun in PVP without running meta builds (Like the exile great sword with dark infusion). So are there also any tips for me aside from meta builds? (If it helps any, my current build is kinda all around focused but I neglect luck, intellect and faith and my current weapon is a +5 sword of wolnir)
Some people fight-club in in the Cruc Woods. It's very annoying if you're trying to grind Swordgrass. If you run in and attack the Host of Embers of a fight-club in progress, some phantoms present might defend the host, while other phantoms present may just watch passively. Fight-clubs generally don't want the Host to die, for obvious reasons.
It's called a gank, it's two or more friends who clear a level of enemies then camp out and wait for invaders so they can gang up on them in hopes of an easy victory. Don't charge in, hide with the obscuring ring, pester them with guerilla tactics, snipe with great arrows, wait for other Watchdogs or invaders to arrive to even the odds, and when the moment is right move in for a kill. You'll fail a lot at first but eventually you'll start learning how to handle them, just like anything in Dark Souls.
Pvp is broken in all souls games: I get stabbed in the back by people 30 feet in front of me, I get hit with attacks 10 feet past their weapons hitbox and can’t riposte sometimes after a parry.... They need to fix this***** for elden ring, *****in aggravating.
And before you say it’s my computer: I have a 2080 ti, an i9 8core processor and a 200mb/sec internet connection and I don’t have this problem in other online games...
The problem is Dark Souls not having dedicated servers despite fextra saying so. Elden Ring will be better, they said it will have dedicated servers and competitive online
get off wifi you *****ing noob
It's not your computer my dude. Online issues can be caused by a myriad of reasons, but I'd start by taking a look at your router.
internet bad so the game bad too
help i am penalized and cannot summon anyone. can someone help. i stuck on aldrich. lvl 43
same author here. forgot to mention i am on pc. dont friend me either.
Way of white circlet , try that
Sometimes I think about how there are really brilliant people out there doing incredibly intelligent things. Then I see a post like this where some absolute brain genius who DCed enough times to get banned thinks he's going to find someone to help him on a random page on a random wiki for a 3 year old game without offering any information on how to contact him at all, and I realize the bar is way lower than I thought.


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The way they have set up invasions is completely f*****. If you want to summon someone to help you in a coop Manor you have to consume an ember, an item which is not easily farmed unless you go grind a low-level fast boss and assume there are tons of people that are coming to fight that boss. The world enemies are friendly to Invaders. If an invader kills a host or the host commits suicide The invader gets multiple rewards. if the host kills the invader or The invader commit suicide the host gets Jack f****** s***. No wonder this game is dying out. Oh and to top it all off, to invade you only need an item which is free that has unlimited uses. Sad sad day at dark souls.
Dude, getting invaded is all in your favor. Yeah ur embered so you have a health advantage. You're free to have 2 white/gold phantoms and then a blue can come as well. Invading is hard cause getting ganked F-ing sucks.
Sounds like a casul gonker
damn someones a filthy casual
Invading is by far the hardest thing you can do in Dark Souls 3. Anyone who invades more than a few times does so because they like the challenge of being up against those stacked odds. If you feel like you and your +30% health and 2x estus and endless summons of blues and phantoms are somehow at a disadvantage to a single invader then holy*****.
Get Gud Dude.
And I will add that you HAVE a reward for Killing the invader or after its suicide, yup some estus when he died. It helped me many times to continue my playthrough. I prefer to fight him some times than seeing him black crystal. Of course you have to eliminate him without taking too much damages… If this is really bad and you absolutely dont want to lose (or dont give a***** to honor), you can hide, use the seeds, run to the fog wall… Plenty of ways to deal with invaders. Invaders are the spicy touch of the game, making each run unique, and coop and blue cops very relevant. No Wonder this game is still alive I would rather say.
Solution 1: play offline. Solution 2: git gud. We all were noobs once but I personally have never ran out of embers. Don't waste them and buy some every time you have some surplus souls.
Yes invaders get rewards if the host dies but when invader dies the host keeps his ember (an item thats completly unnecessary to finish the game if you have good character/skill/patience), you have all of your usable estus meanwhile invader gets half of his. You can summon phantoms and gank the invader meanwhile he needs to protect himself from yall and kill the host (because phantoms don't drop sht). Sorry but you bought this game 4 yourself and if you dont like it then: Do a little research next time before you buy something, ok?
At the beggining, yeah, it sucks, but halfway to the game its kinda cool, i mean, gank the***** out ofinvasors, i invade as well and can say that invafers deserve no mercy, veat the***** out of then, go 4x1 if u can, do whatever it takes to make it the worst experience because thats what invaders deserve, i mean he's the one invading anyway
Well if you are a ganksquad *** then imma simply whip out that endgame gear and tear you a second @hole. ;)
I named my sl120 character "small child" so if I die you'll get a message saying "small child was destroyed"
Does anyone know if there's a condition of summon between the normal version of DS3 and the fire fades?
No difference
Is there a TIME LIMIT on invasions?
I’m on PS4 and I have come to the conclusion that DS3 online is immortal. It doesn’t matter what level I get around to (usually no higher than 125 though) the online is very active. Instant invasions throughout each journey and the Watchdogs at 30 + 3 and Faithfuls at 60 + 6 are still as frequent as I remember from 2017 even to the point that I cannot progress the game with the Aldrich badge equipped as the constant invasions interrupt it too much which is great. On the more extreme end I’ve also managed to gain 30 concords on every character from blue sentinel + BOTDM summons alone throughout the journey even if my character won’t use spells. Lastly the pontiff area and the undead arena match you in a matter of seconds for the most part. There’s no reason not to make builds at this point in the games lifespan, never be discouraged. Sadly this will be temporarily less relevant when Elden Ring arrives but until then do as much as you want you’ll get all the online activity you wish for and it will eventually return as it’s the final entry in the Souls series so there will always be players here to stay.
I love how ppl in ganksquads seem to think that their opinions matter xD. This one time i was invading in An@l Rondo and this host had 3 phantoms with him. So i attack them, killed one guy, then the other. Only host left and his 1 phantom, i attack they get hit, they chug, i punish (phantom), phantom somehow manages to fkn fall and die. Me vs host, payback.jpg, we fight, he chugs (i follow the suit - do it too), fight again. *Phantom F@g summoned* OhSht.jpg. Phantom is good and kills me. Host downpoints. What a fool i mean, you didn't kill me, your phantom did, yet you still needed 3 people to gank me 2 of them with meta builds (+ that one phantom at the end) and you still were pretty sh1t at it, do you think a downpoint from trash like you matters? lmao, fkn biblethump for losers like this.
You certainly seem to think it matters or you wouldn’t come on here to ***** about it
Mad cause bad
Writing elaborate essays about how you don't care is generally not very convincing.
Just here to say while I really hope Elden Ring has multiplayer, I also *really* hope we have the option of a ping filter for matching to a host.