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How many memory slots do you start the game with?
the actual chance to hit is:

chance = (1 + acc) * (1 - dodge)

acc = accuracy bonus from attacker
dodge = dodge from targer
Which means accuracy and dodge raletionship is multiplicative rather than additive.

For examble a -35% accuracy attacker (suppose it's blinded) vs a 65% dodge target will have ~23% chance to hit, rather than 0%
The game has very little to do with memory slots. Usually there are 4, however sometimes you only have two. You can usually purchase DIMMs. [moderator removed brand mentions]

But as I said, the game ha very little to do with how many memory slots are on your motherboard.
The game does has memory slots per character, wich determine how many skills the character can use at the same time.
Skills that are known to your chararcter but are not equipped in a memory slot, cannot be used by that character.

Memory is a new stat and is necessary to memorize Skills and only a limited amount of skills can be memorized at any one time. More powerful skills also require a higher level of memory.

Memory Slots determine the number and quality of skills you can use at the same time. You can learn every skill in the game, but only a limited amount can be active at any given time. Outside of combat, characters can organize their active skills to prepare for their next encounter. The more powerful the skill is, the more Memory Slots required.

Characters gain an additional Memory Slot every 2 levels. (2,4,6,8,10,12 etc.)

The number of memory slots in your motherboard are irrelevant in the context.
Joke flew right over your head..
frankly i couldn't tell it was a joke either :/
When I got to the Respec Mirror I noticed that characters have different number of Total Attribute Points. Naked and with zero talents.
Currently level 9 party:
Main Elf - 22 points
Lohse - 17
Sebille - 20
Fane - 21
I have no Idea if this is a bug or just intended to be like this...???
Did you also remove equipment that gave you attributes?
Polymorph and All Skilled Up gives additional attribute points to spend, maybe they have those?
Do some of them have stuff like spider's kiss? I know you said zero talents, but does that include ones you cannot remove?
Having below 10 strength will drop your carrying capacity.
Hi, yesterday i realize that i am with 7 ap, and i dont know what have i done for this. Warrior, undead.
Built in mod with DE that you turned on by accident.
read what it says for the lone wolf talent. you may have had 5 ap and then +2 for the lone wolf talent, which is 7 ap. I got 8, and that was cool.
I’m in Arx and have had Crit Chance above 50 % without the Hothead talent. Now when I look at Crit Chance, it is 10% lower for no apparent reason. Took off all armor and respec at the mirror and even with the base 10 wits it says that my crit Chance is 0%. Is this a bug or did I get cursed at some point?