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I put these on the quick use bar and used them all accidentally. The quick use bar is awful. If you accidentally hit X the game uses the item instantly and saves instantly



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Did you know that SNES, Sega Dreamcast, Gamecube, Xbox 360, PS2, and Apple II computers all have a button that say "X" but none of them can play Dark Souls 3? Isn't that weird??? I detect a hint of onion?
I don't understand why Siegward feels the need to make estus into alchohol (or how he does so either...), but couldn't he just raid some of the various cellars and containers laying around for a pint to drink? I mean some of these buggers we fight in the later parts of the game SEEM like they were once civilized enough to make alcohol, and must have something laying around... wouldn't taste so great due to how old it might be, but if the goal is to get drunk to drown their sorrows, then it should give the same effect right? besides NPC's always seem to find stuff that the players can never find, at least implied due to Greirat magically producing his wares from somewhere from some areas we send him to pillage.
The description implies that regular alcohol doesn't affect Undead so I assume he uses some kind of distilled estus mix designed to give undead a buzz they normally wouldn't be able to get.
its just a game you sperg
I have 600 of these on my sl 20 build,this combined with the 7 estus flasks allows me to deal with gank squads.
How did you get so much?
Save game editing or hacking assumedly
I dunno if anyone else has found it, but you can find Siegward stuck in the well outside the Cleansing Chaple too, and he give an additional Siegbrau. Thought I'd mention it since it's not here.
Imagine being a boss facing an unkindled who’s out of estus and suddenly they chug a god damn beer and regain the upper hand