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Sabaku no Maiku confirmed
Get out, weeb
Italian weeb*
Sono Michele, conosciuto anche come Mike of the desert sul web...
Ma porcoddio


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Only 1 warrior could wear such thing. But no book could remember his name. It is said that the people that knew him in person call him "Phalanx"
He was a very ugly guy
The number of materials in the Upgrade Table is wrong. It should be:

+1: 1x titanite Shard
+2: 2x titanite Shard
+3: 3x titanite Shard
+4: 1x Large titanite Shard
+5: 2x Large titanite Shard
+6: 3x Large titanite Shard
+7: 1x titanite Chunk
+8: 2x titanite Chunk
+9: 3x titanite Chunk
+10: 1x titanite Slab
I have NEVER seen this before