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That line. "Complete the Steamworks minigame perfectly - Fill the bar twice then do the perfect sequence for the palicoes!" What is that supposed to mean? The print has nothing to do with what level of the bar you're on, or with the palico. Sometimes input frames turn red, when you get the sequence right, you get a random reward from the red tier, one of the possible rewards being the print. It's not guaranteed and it's on the rare side, but that's all you need to get it. Just get the combination right with the red frames, and hope for the best.
I think by "complete the minigame perfectly" it means to get the right combination.
Anyone know of a way to get one of these with out doing steamworks? I don't have any more steam to gamble with and I hate RNG.
If you need steam, Spend a little bit running around the edge of the wildspire waste area of the guiing lands and mining. After about an hour of doing this with a geology charm or the extra shots, I had enough dragonvein or whatever materials to turn in for around 9000 steam. that got me 4 overdrives, plus all the rare materials from getting the gathering points to max rank, AND got me about 14k research points, Just from mining
And you get one every week with the steamworks.
What the tickets are used for is medling Monster Mantles and Wyvern Gems
Can those be obtained bay doing the limited weecly bounty ??
no not yet anyways (PC)
No, but you get one every week for completing the Steamwork minigame.
It's also an ingredient needed to meld a Shara Ishvalda Gem
How about one of the special bounties this week is to hunt Brute Tigrex when his mission is locked until almost twice my MR? So a Celestial Wyverian Print to help finish my Ishvalda set is out of the question, and I’m mantle hunting >_>
Nothing but question marks. What a useless wiki.
What do you need help with?
The community fills the information here, i want to see you fill a whole wiki about mhw with all information correct
Please make one urself lmfao
Instead of whining that it's "useless", you could look elsewhere.

If your having a problem, then chances are, someone else is. So you could try looking in the comments.

Your lack of problem solving skills astounds me.
You expect too much of a wiki page that need to be filled with info by real humans noob
I optained this item without owning Iceborne? No idea what it is used for
Get Iceborne
Only thing I dislike is that the seasonal events replace this woth their tickets like the full bloom festival replaces it with the useless Full Bloom Tickets... wow a chance for RNG decorations and more melding fodder that doesn't even fill the gauge.... great. So much more handy than something that can give me that Safi Gem I need.