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My favorite thing about this sword is it doesn't have a stupid sheath on your back. Fashion Souls wise this thing is even a winner! (Stylish to boot)
yeah like... how the hell am i supposed to put a sword that is bigger than my entire body in sheath? maybe ill just anex it on my body like dante does with his sword
At very high stats (60/60) you get 30 more AR with both refined and sharp compared to a sharp AGS at 16/60 dex build. There is little reason to invest so heavily just to use AGS with blessed.
with high stats, wouldn't you move to a more powerful UGS?
@ Nov 01 anon - could do what I'm doing and have it as a decent backup weapon, since I'm a weirdo and use Irithyl SS as my main hand. This is nice to change things up for invades, and it's mostly the weight that pulls me to it.
lmao the "Weapon" hyperlink at the start of the page tries to go to
And that made you laugh your *** off? Weirdo.
mentioning that lame fallout crap for 6 yr olds together with dark souls 3 is truly blasphemous
Weapons like this are the reason I like to go to NG+. I have three of these now, one +10 Sharp, a +1 Chaos and a standard. When weapons thus good can be infused, I think it is 100 percent qorth having more than ine of them, especially with the infinite respecs, being able to change your build
it's a pity you can't treble-wield!
In SL30 this thing is a godsend. It deals the most damage out of all ultras because they need to be 2handed w/ heavy infusion, while this only needs a raw infusion. Even better is because it's 1 handed and 2 handed damage is similar, you can keep a party hand free most of the time. The range is great for beating up gankers, charge works well for catching rolls and chasing people (careful though). You can wear good armor cause it's stupid light and it's rolling attack is godly, really *****ing fast, really *****ing powerful, even though it's been needed its still amazing at shutting down someone who's chasing you, or as a mixup in duels. I mean it's no DSA or longsword, but if you want a quick option for poise without building around it in SL30, Raw AGS +3. Make sure to buff it with bundles whenever you can.
this is the ultimate weapon for cheesing NPC engagements as a low level dex build, just level str to 11, two hand it and chain R2 until they die


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Absolutely true. They keep walking right into it every time. Leo ring counter hits can be beast, too.
Re: "str to 11", You're thinking of the Hollowslayer Greatsword, which is an excellent dex build PvE weapon throughout the game- the minimum strength required to wield this weapon is 16, not 11.
two thirds of 16 is 11, which makes it the minimum for 2-handing
All the Thrust damage
Giantdad disapproves of the dex based UGS
Don't tell anyone you level up strength



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Ehm, excuse me Sir, about the Astora GS... Me: Yes!
Simple infusion is S scaling, which makes it a good alternative to crystal on a mage
the crystal infusion will deal more damage tho