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It seems like he doesn't invade you if you are in the Chaos Servant covenant.
Actually I just encountered him as a chaos servant on my way to the shortcut of lost izalith
He will.
He does for sure, in all 3 locations
if you die to him, will he still invade you in that area?
If you defeat him in one area and don't defeat the boss of that area, will he invade again if you return to that area in human form?
Knight Kirk has invaded your pants. Prepare yourself for vicious entry.
Just like Yellowfinger heysel from DS3
He invaded me at the Demon Ruins and before I could even see him, he died (I still have no clue how)... probably missed the loot
Remastered on PS4. I’ve been invaden by Kirk in Lost Izalith even I did not fight him before in Depths or Demon Ruins (Gaping Dragon and Demon Firesage already defeated ). But no armor back in Fair Lady’s room as the wiki says (just defeated him once). Anyway I’m posting because I wrongly assumed you couldn’t face him if you had missed previous encounters, but you can.