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How to unlock this quest?
You need to do “Plight of the the Paolumu” it’s also a 2 star mr quest.
so ive done plight of the paolumu and i cant get this quest to unlock any ideas?
This mission will not unlock automatically. To get it, you will first have to go into Expedition Mode and search for a Pink Rathian. Go to the Coral Highlands and head northeast of this region. You should come across the Pink Rathian in the Area 8. After finding it, you will unlock the “Pink Power Grab” optional quest
Thanks. Been trying to find her in the guiding lands for days ;_;


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If you're having a hard time seeing her in an expedition you can also join someone else's quest. Check in the SOS tab and specify Pink Rathian. Also don't forget to check your investigations, a random P. Rathian investigation may have slipped in.
I went out on an expedition and captured one. After that i got this quest