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Why does he even attack you? I don't understand
Because you killed Robert
He's trying to find the Rejuvenating Waters for his son, Robert. He assumes you'll be an obstacle in his path and attempts to kill you to ensure his success.


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He’s been asked for collecting a thousand blades from intruders in exchange extending his son’s life, that’s why he ask Wolf to leave his sword
ROBEEEERT! May be an homage to kicking enemies off cliffs in dark souls. Sad this is one of the only ways to do so now. I enjoyed kicking people of cliffs.
Honestly, I think he's just a Black Iron Tarkus reference. Based on how he's engaged on a similar path as you, his looks and how he meets his end.
so he's... unbreakable??
Patches confirmed



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Interesting to note, if you 'death' blow him more than once he will basically tell you how to finish the fight: ' Are you trying to kick me off the cliff?' something like that. That's From Software for you.
I feel like that's more an Activision thing, From Software Bosses usually tell you stuff by their actions.
his actual quote is more along the lines of "my armor is impenetrable, I will not fall" but still, it's pretty damn obvious after reading that what you have to do
Totally obvious to me! First thought.
Dark Souls 4 confirmed.
I've only seen 1 other person mention this so far, but this boss actually glitched out for me. I arrived at Mt. Kongo while exploring before fighting Genichiro, went through the area just fine, until I got to the part where you encounter the first Twinblade Strawhat enemies. They were just staring at me doing absolutely nothing. I attacked and they would block everything, but never retaliate. I eventually mashed my way through them, confused, and then I arrived at the Warrior. He walked out, said his lines and just stood there. Same thing as before, except this time he wasn't even blocking my attacks. At that point I actually thought it was just part of the game. Until I looked up the actual fight... And felt so cheated. Only in a From game do you get mad for NOT having to fight the boss.
that giant ape did that for me, during the second phase. can't say i was too miffed getting a freebee on that guy.
I had the exact same thing happen to me! He just stood there and let me wail on him until he fell off. It was the most bizarre experience I've ever had. I felt like I stepped into a different game for a moment.
Is your game pirate? Mine is and I could play fine until NG+ where things went to*****


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I don't know how From could've overlooked the fact that this guy's reward, the crappy 'latent' skill was already purchased in the Ashina tree line for 3 Skill points...though they rebranded it Breath of Nature: Light or some nonesense. How long did they incubate this fester prior to release? Take that double donkey out of the requisites. I've blown enough time on absolute crap skills to have to waste it twice. How many people do these jokers have working for them and not one of them can read?
I'm pretty sure multiple skills will improve on it's effects, so it's not a waste at all.
The effects stack, you gibbon.
Did you not notice getting increased healing talents from both the ogre and flaming bull earlier in the game either? The effects stack, obviously.
Mate seems you don't know how to read as well.
calm down lmao
It literally tells you the effect stacks you absolute tool
the legend returns... G I A N T D A D