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So is this guy Miguel Garcia?



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One of Yakumo's friends. He grew up with him and Emily at the orphanage, before being forced to be a mercenary by Mido. After becoming a Revenant, he was still forced to fight for Mido and eventually was turned into the Gilded Hunter.
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Managed to clear the fight after switching to Queenslayer on first try after struggling with various builds. Queenslayer's unique Final Journey buff is ridiculously powerful and while it kills you after it runs out, the duration is extremely long (fight ended with about half of it still left). It increases damage dealt by 50%, gives you quick mobility (was using Zweihander and had slow mobility without it), also it heals you to full upon use. Cleansing Light from Queenslayer also helps mitigate the damage you might take in the berserk phase.
Use queenbreaker, impaler, gxl defender. For gifts final journey, cleansing light, ice barrage, circulating pulse, bridge to glory and frost weapon buff. Passives: health stimulant, mind/willpower up, swift destruction, strength/dexterity up During berserk you need to guard till it runs out. Then go ham
I mean queenslayer
You won't have some of that stuff until much later. 1). GXL Defender blood veil: Found at Provisional Government Center 2). Bridge to Glory active skill: Found at Crown of Sand. 3). Mind/Willpower Up passive skill: Needs Harmonia Vestige Part A at Crown of Sand 4). Swift Destruction passive skill: Needs Hephaestus Vestige Part B at Crypt Spire
This jerk made me counter comp and switch from my precious bayonet build!. First, get an atlas chrome by trading with Yakumo. Upgrading the zweihander with it makes it a 100% block weapon. When he starts to 'zerk' heal up if you need to and proceed to block everything. If he does the aoe and you're out of range, it's a great opportunity to stop blocking and regain some stamina. I wasn't aware of how good 'final journey' is so I ended up using Atlas. Because I wasn't using 'final journey', my zwei was only +2 and I was flying solo, I had to endure two zerk phases but still managed to beat him on my first try after using this setup.
I had Louis being my partner, and with his "Reckless Abandon", it may be possible to beat the Gilded Hunter before he turns berserk. I was never successful myself, but the closest I have got to is the last bar of health, probably 1/7 or something like that.
What was you build?
Man this dude was an afterthought in NG, but holy***** I had a fun, yet frustrating time against him on NG+E before learning the Phase 1 patterns. Phase 1 is oddly really easy to get through, just had to switch gifts while solo. Using Isis with BtG, Iron Will, Cleansing Light, Bloodsucking Blades, and Overdrive I just kept countering his attacks while gaining back Ichor using the Iceblood and hurling Blast Bolt, Ice Barrage, and Guard of Honor at him. Phase 2 was frustrating until I remembered blocking is a thing in Code Vein. The above strategy however is overthinking the whole thing however. You just need a weapon that has at least 100 Slash, in my case a Garnet Splitter and just block everything except the explosion+meteors.
To be honest, this boss only took me two tries (hilariously enough, I messed up the first time pressing the wrong button)...and I haven't played many Souls-games...maybe I got lucky. He is a challenge, I will say that...but it just is a matter of studying his moves, I suppose.
No need to get salty, ya'll. Practice is key and it doesn't hurt to be running a helpful build with gifts like Merciless Reaper and the like.
Also, this WASN'T NG+. I wouldn't be surprised if it was a lot harder on that mode or the Enhanced NG+.
If you're rolling heavy 2 handed with a decent block weapon and reasonable health this guy is not hard on NG. If you're rolling in a level 1 build or are in NG+E though, you're going to get reamed over and over and over again by Mr. Revive-Catch, AKA King Triplekill. Why? Cause he staggers and falls fairly easily, but in phase 2 he's so ridiculously fast, aggressive, and gap-closey that you're going to have to suck down a hit or two in order to knock him down and do some DPS instead of chaining five hundred dodges in thirty seconds. Barring that... you're going to have to dodge his three hit roll-catch combo, over and over and over... and if anyone goes down, reviving isn't allowed, because he'll punish gap close all the way across the arena in effectively two frames, the second of which will probably oneshot you, and if not he's got 2 more hits in the next quarter second attached to the end of it, so good luck. Low level or NG+E? You're not going to be able to soak even one hit, in all likelihood, let alone two.
Absolute fu*king garbage fight on NG+. They did a horrible job scaling him and he heal punishes worse than any other boss in the game. So as soon as you heal once, it's over. Hes gonna keep chaining you with combos, thrusts, and AOEs until you die. Because for whatever reason, it takes a fu*king hour to heal in this game.