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Using this when invading with another Aldrich faithful is amazing, just spam it and watch people panic, it's hilarious, while ur bro provides protection, good times
Would creating a dark magic user be viable?


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It would, if you have everything done right. Your best bet would be using Great Soul Dregs as a heavy hitter, as it is the highest form of Deep Soul.

I hope you enjoy your dark magic character.
Well...It only costs 6 FP to cast.
been using this, affinity and onyx blade on my hex build with Izalith staff. play smart and its amazing pvp. This spell is the ultimate pressure spell. people will burn their stamina rolling from it then you can roll catch with the blade.
No hexes in DS3. Gitgud scrub.
@Anon 07/03/19 "Gitgud scrub" You don't know what git gud means. don't say it, also go back to reddit. The
how does that work. casting this spell costs more stamina than rolling
This is the ultimate magic among all & threatening..quite decent damage for low FP spells..has the best tracking on the game aside from gnaw..but cast faster than gnaw..of you want to know the meaning of true Suffer, my should try to Roll upon all spamming deep Soul while occasionally get hit by this or maybe worst..dregs. But, either get hit or git there's nothing to fear in death..
Gnaw doesn't really track though, to the point where a person swinging a straight sword can dodge the trajectory way ahead of time. Affinity has better tracking than deep soul I believe, but deep soul still does its job which is exerting pressure for small fp cost.
how is 60-180 damage treatening? getting hit by a baby crab is more menacing , this spell is a faaron dart wannabe
dark magic sperm
Useless ahead
useless??? this is like one of the top 5 best spells for pvp
is this viable for necromancer build?
yeah its a pretty good spell in PvP and even better in PvE, that's like the main spell for many early-game PvP players, since you can get it as soon as you defeat the deacons
the necromancer build you are talking about... doesn’t exist...however you can keep summoning like a coward
i disagree about people saying it it the best and whatever... if it was i would’ve seen someone use it in the past 2 years...which i didn’t... i tried it myself and faaron dart is better to damage and hit since the deep soul is too weak for it’s speed ( fast cast but too slow ) which make the dart better for close range and deep soul better at long range... but both are good for pressure to dodge and stuff