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Do high rank ones glow red and steam at the mouth because I fought one that was bigger than normal and that happened
I don't know how or why but sometimes an odogaron can go into some kind of super rage mode where it glows and steams as you described.This enraged status also seems to last much longer than normal rage.
Lowrank does it too
Happens when he goes and eats the lump of meat he has in his mouth before any fight
happened in low rank as well for me (one attack took half of my health lol)
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you're not funny
If my cat were 15 times larger, angry, and not at all cuddly, this would be what it would be.
Also, if your cat were a dog.
a legiana corpse literally fell ontop of me during an odo fight and I jumped out of my seat and odo was like "You know what, let's do this later. I'm hungry, join me for some legiana meat :D
Best land monster ;)
“Blood Puppy” XD
Missing quest: Into the Bowels of the Vale
Didn't realize I could update it myself... lol
thats the first one actually lol
I occasionally call Odogaron ‘Blood Puppy’ for him and I respect each other
Clifford was never the same after dropping out of high school.
weakness : Ice *** Legiana : am I a joke to you?
mean doggo