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I lost the fight and found my missing gear in Lohar's room on the table (Left of the under tavern bit where the Arena is)
You're a goddamn savior man. I love you! Thank you!
So after I finish the fight I'm not able to loot anything from the bag. Trying to do so bugs the game so that I can't interact with anything else or even load or quit the game-I have to ctrl alt delete out. I've tried doing it with different characters, moving the bag to my inventory and then opening it, moving it to Lady Vengeance and opening it, nothing works. I'm in honour mode and saved past the fight so I can't go back, so basically either I lose all my items or the run's over, which is pretty much one in the same given I lost any quest items, etc plus all my gear. Has anyone experienced this or know a way around it?
Don't be too hasty with alt tabbing/alt f4ing etc. For me the game lagged (I think because of the sheer amount of items picked up) when I pressed loot all, but continued later.
"If the cook is dead, then you won't find anything and the quest can't proceed until you kill him" Lovrik or the cook?
Why would the answer be the cook if he's dead
The cook is female
why is no one talking abt the fact that you don't have to have the prostitute be a woman? is that a recent update to the game or something? i've always liked how the game is very neutral on sexuality, gives a lot more options. i think i remember the dialogue options even being slightly different depending on which you choose. when i played with ifan and the male lizard i feel like there was like this sub/top thing going on?? or am i just imagining things
Yes you are imagining things, thats why you come here with your stupid SJW stuff -.-
I remember you can choose "a meaty stew" for a male prostitute from Lovirk but I never tried it. Also options in game of choosing a male or female prostitute is not SJW stuff lmao quit that *******
to net out as much exp as possible pay 100 go up speak to the biatch dont sleep with her try some dialogs bail out get 3k xp go down speak to lorvik again with another "i presume male character" pay go up speak to lizard go through with it "i used ilfan so the assasins dont attack have history" when you can chose, dont kill her! tell her its ok or do it again =5k xp go down speak to lorvik dont let him flee letting him go after he confess gives another 3k xp total 11k "i might have gotten 6k seccond step didnt see clearly looked like 5 or 6k so either 11 or 12 k xp when concluded" letting him escape or killing him will end the quest without the last 3k xp as reward will say closed but its actuly failed dont know if you can continue this one cuz barmaid wont give me any dialog as suggested after checking kitchen or befor.
The description for getting the last 3k exp is a bit unclear. You shouldn't confront him saying you killed the thugs, you have to say that you had a good time. After that he doesn't run away and you can kill him for the gold (which he drops even if you pickpocketed him before that). -Aggnog
with 4 group member I'd get 2000xp for accept the quest 1000 when I said no with my main (elf female) 3000 when I talked with her a little bit and made her wet, then said no (RP) -I don't remember if I get xp with Ifan when i fent in and said no and then 6000 for sleeping with her with Fain -3000 when killed Lovrik + 5x2000 for each robber then (little spoiler here) 4000 because the cook didn't like I went in so attacked me. tips: 1. If you don't get the key with another character then go up to her - she said sorry- then go back for the key and pay 2. I went to Lovrik with Fain as fourth party member and I'd got an option which meant no pay. 3. I slept with her 3 times just with Fain. First time she danced for me ...etcetc then i stood their as if nothing heppend but when i went to her she sound like we met before then I slept with her - robbers - and after it again. 4. She became a friend if you sleep with her as Fain 5. Be careful with the drunked fellows down if you attack Lovrik if you want to keep them alive so teleport the guy to the kitchen or into a bush far from the tavern.
*so it's 2000+1000+3000+6000+3000= 15000Xp + kills 10000Xp = 25000Xp tip: * I tried to sleep with her with RP then he saw his princess but I couldn't find his stuff anywhere (there were no robbers at all when he woke up, prostitute niether) * I tried Ifan also and yep, he knew the robbers. BOTH way you missed 10K XP
Ya dawg what the fuk did you even just say? Punctuation helps a ton and ya mom gaiee
Max XP for Definitive Edition is 20000 XP (2000 XP for persuading Lovrik + 1000 XP for declining courtesan with 1st character + 6000 XP for sleeping with courtesan with 2nd character + 8000 XP for killing thugs + 3000 XP for letting Lovrik off the hook). Gill gives no XP so thugs only give 8000 XP (4 thugs x 2000 XP).
if you're undead there's an option to flash your bones at the boy downstairs instead of paying
Yes but don't do that, it's weird ty
With careful dialogue choices you can have the prostitute fall in love with you and s/he'll will actually fight with you against the thieves.