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It also effects vendor gear...so choose wisely
I like rangers with 1 in warfare instead of pyromancer to get executioner take glass cannon and get hydrophorics for combat control and get soooooo much ap in 1 turn
Useless section in this game. Literally has no impact in the game. Pick any class change abilities the way u like and go into your adventure. U pick Warrior and build him as Mage, Archer and make his as summoner and so on. Nothing changes in the entire game.
Actually it determines the weapons in the confiscated goods chest in the first area of the game
It also determines your companions starting skills etc. when you choose a class for them.
I second you, it's fine to have this page here, but players can ignore it. Classes are just a way to guide new players so they are not overwhelmed at character creation.
What this page really needs is a table where you can compare the starting skills and talents all at once. Having the right or wrong skillbooks and talents can be a setback for all of Act 1.
Class called "Blood Witch", A necromancer/hydrosophist that is really powerful alongside a "Storm Spring", an aerotheurge/summoner.