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Funny how I dread seeing them as regular enemies, but I'm relieved when they're the boss
You've been sucking brains all your life so why are you acting so goddamn stupid
no one likes this guy, and rightfully so
*****, and i cannot stress this enough, these guys. In the narrow hallways of upper cathedral ward they're absolute nightmares, not to mention the sheer number of them around every corner just slobbering over the opportunity to drain half your health then proceed to immediately do it again.
I mean, WHY are the enemies so infuriating in an area with one of the easiest and goofiest bosses in the game? It feels like Miyazaki is mocking us
For those who think they are master players and act like they never died in bloodborne: 1- We know they are not hard. 2- We know how to dudge them. 3- We are unlike you aware of the importance of the insight 2 insights can buy me a good thing! So we are nervous about losing them not afraid of these mother suckers. 4- for those who are afraid about their insight go and spend all of them and come back to whip these *****ers ***! Imagine their faces when they try to suck your insights but you have none this us amusing! And like what they said a person with nothing to lose is terrifying!
+ and yes we are gud! Because we reach the end of the game to face them!
Update after buying 2 blood rock these suckers were nothing I whipped their *** in few minutes! Try it
I think most players would be (begrudgingly) OK with their grab attack if the F*CKS DIDN'T IMMEDIATELY SPAM YOU WITH ANOTHER. It is literally an endless loop of slurp slurp dead. You get caught in one, you are repeatedly grabbed, killed, and left insightless. It feels cheap... Luckily I play bloodtinge builds.
They're also annoying because of their ungodly poise and stun spell, because fromsoft doesn't love us I guess
More annoying to me; spamming that damned arcane projectile for what feels like a century!
I left BB for 'bout half a year, and totally forgot how to deal with these fxxkers until re-checking this page. Great.
Be sure to keep in mind that this will make you die inside. Perfectly worded random internet author
If you can, spam augur of ebrietas on them. Keeps them knocked down if you are lucky, and it's fun to see these cocksuckers helpless.
Worst enemy in the souls series by far. Jailers from DS3 are nothing compared to that. Playing BB for the first time. It’s very good but areas like yaarghul (gank city), upper cathedral, bosses like Rom and Amygdala, are an enormous dissapointment for me.



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i don't think anything's worse than the chime maidens that summon spiders in loran
Those are from Chalice dungeons? I don't do those. Hey I also realized they take 2 insight points from you when they grab you! Lost like 20 pts


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yahargul is pretty gank-y but it's really nicely designed and so is upper cathedral ward. I definitely agree that brainsuckers are awful though