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I wish lorian took extra damage from the hollowslayer in phase 2, as It seems like he loses health in the way we did in ds2. From a lore sense it'd make the fight even better.
he doesn't have the undead curse, so he cant go hollow that's a fact since lothric had to revive him
Wanna beat them fast and easily as a caster? Just follow this video (google this title) 'Dark Souls 3 Intelligence kills Lorian and Lothric'
You're playing an over-leveled sorcerer, of course it's easy. He's weak to sorceries so you do insane dmg. Try doing the same with an appropriate level (65-75) pyromancer...
he's done it again
Can i summon both of sirris and orbeck at the same time?
Probably shouldn't do that, though - bosses get more health the more summons you have on your side, and with both of them... Lorian will likely outlast at least one if not both of your summons.
With Friede's scythe, it's so easy
From did a good job on this fight. Revival mechanics can be really annoying, but this one works by combining a reasonably easy solo fight vs. Lorian and the revival mechanics and magic of Lothric without making them impossible together. In the end, this fight is at a really good, enjoyable level of difficulty.
These two work pretty well in tandem to make you the opposite of alive. Basically, the closer you stay to lorian, the less of a pain lothric is. Bonus for constantly circling them to hit them both at once. Really puts a buffer on the revive ability


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I killed Orbeck of Vinheim. yes he is a nice guy, but but Yuria told me to kill him, and I do what she says.... Now I have a problem I am lvl18 with +2 levels and at the twin princes fight, the fight is hard for me, I guess I will make it with the IRSS someday but it will take some attempts. I can summon only Siris now, and she dies qucily, bye bye now Orbeck of Vinheim.
You deserve this.
I know this is fairly late, but I suggest playing quite a bit more if you're only a level 18. I'm currently in the 80's. And you can always play online and summon actual players to help you.
Are you playing through this game for the first time at level 18?
You could've gotten all the sorceries, then summon him for the Princes, and then you would've found his body in the Archives, with his ashes on it. It's what I did.
Dont know what i did but he was relatively easy (beat first try) i used heavy infused zwiehandler+10 at 57 strenght, fallen knight armour set, sheild of want (i dont use it just gimmy extra souls) 14 estus at +9 and only silver serpent ring. I guess strength builds are a op? I was embered but didnt summon. Lorian gave me a little trouble but once lothric became a backpack he was easier, didnt know lothric could revive him, but my zwiehandler was cutting both almost every attack so i was able to put him to forever sleep when he was reviving. Kinda pissed cause i was doing the Yoel quest but didnt get the achievement at the end. Trying to speedrun on NG+1 and do it all over again but the dancer is *****ing me up (trying to do her early to farm souls at the lothric castle bonfire) but sword master is a usless summon lmao
zweihander.... git gud.
*Zweihänder git gudder
Irithyll weapon + BK Shield is the standard formula for melee build Chloranty ring, flame/magic Stoneplate ring You should be okay guys
am i the only person who thinks this boss is really bad