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I rather this Faraam is connected to this boss than NK. Concidered the Lion motif and all...probably the "Champion" in the grave. That would make at least a bit of sense.
I don't think faraam set description says anything about skullface and his stand, torpedo-sif
d e e p e s t l o r e
As a pure sorc Homing Soulmass was clutch for this fight. It was the only way I could hit the Gravekeeper since he dodged everything else perfectly. Soulmass was good at catching him unawares. Once the wolf spawned I completely ignored the Gravekeeper. I ran like hell when he did his frost breath to maximize distance, dodged through him when he charged and used openings to cast Soulmass. The wolf went down quick since he was on top of me the entire time and his large hitbox ate all the Soulmass. After that the Keeper was a breeze.
Is this really from softwares idea of quality for a $20 DLC? A gank, NPC/basic enemy intervention duel? I didn't buy the season pass do do *****ing PvP. I bought it for cool boss fights
Probably shouldn't have bought the game in the first place with that attitude
That boss is really, irritating. Especially the jetpack wolf part. It drives the camera crazy. Very frustrating and stupid enemy. I like hard bosses like Nameless King of Friede, but this seems to have been designed just to troll the player.
its easier if u dont lock on to the wolf
The *****ry is strong with this one.
Jesus Christ I hate this boss
NG+7, I killed the Twin Princes at my fourth try, SoC on my second, Nameless King on my third or fourth. I'm probably on my 15th try on this boss. I think I went to sleep and woke up dumber and bad at the game. I killed this thing in like half a minute on NG+6. Jesus Christ.
How on earth? I did this boss first try, literally no problem. And I'm new to dark souls lol
That dog's hitboxes gives me hard flashbacks to the royal rat authority. I hope it's hot where i sent that mangy ******
Wow youre a tosser
I fought this boss twice so far once as a mage once as a knight and I want to say screw melee on this boss at least the second phase melee just doesn't work that wolf jumps around so much by the time my sword swings he's already jumped back and is charging at me before I can even dodge maybe I haven't got the timing down or something but jeez is it annoying to try and hit him
It's the camera too. I find it messes up depth perception with many large agile bosses
I don’t love this fight but it was a real thrill with the Farron Greatsword.