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guys I don't about you but this is *clearly* a scythe
I's a glaive
I love this on my twink build
Well, it does damage when you hit someone with it, so I'd say it's pretty good
*glaive is just brown gundyr's halberd*
Splitleaf for chads who don't level dex
Nobody ever use this weapon.
Just because of this comment, imma going to use this weapon now.
Had the same thought.. gonna have to use it now
I have encountered a couple of glaives in the wild while invading. I hate dealing with halberds more so than any other weapon in the game. They're a ***** to outspace, especially if the user knows what to do with them, with anything but a spear and they get decent hyper armor, so trading with smaller weapons against them is a bad idea. Honestly, I'm surprised more people don't use halberds.
I am doing a series of characters that are based on the Darkest Dungeon classes and I'm probably going to main this on The Hellion. Already did The Leper and The Vestal.
only reason I ever used this **** for is a Glaivemaster Hodir build. 10/10 would recommend (please help me it doesn’t get any more hollow than this come on daddy Miyazaki drop that Elden ring trailer already)



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In a fantasy game with normally pretty realistic-ish weapons and accurate names, this one has always pissed me off. I loved the weapon since DS1, but the naming is inexcusable.
Could be worse. It was called a "Scythe" in DS2.
Far superior than BKG and i don't understand why so much love for BKG, i understand the BKG R2 is cool but being unable to buff the weapon just make Glaive far superior.

Heavy is the best infusion, this weapon is hight dependant of the WA, if you are not the type that use WA, just use the Winged Knight Halberd or Crescent Axe (coz at refined 40/40, with WA you gain more AR than normal Glaive)
This weapon seems to work better on a strength build, but on a quality build the BKG should outdamage it despite the ability to buff the glaive unless you take the blessed weapon route. If you're talking pure strength or elemental builds yes, the glaive is generally a better option. I do think the glaive gets superior reach though there's not enough info on it on this wiki.
The BKG has (as Jeenine put it) a complete halberd moveset where every move has a purpose. The 2 handed R2 can roll catch and act as a mix up and it still combos into a neutral r1. The 1 handed R2 can even act as a wake up do to its insane tracking. The glaive and splitleaf are no doubt the best infusible non-thrusting halberds. But, for quality, splitleaf, gundyr, and BKG are the best