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Are any of his weapons worth farming that Skymerald for?
That Charge Blade is a pretty good elemntal one.
Zinogre Heavy Bowgun is super busted good. Light Bowgun is also good I hear
Loyal Thunder (HBG) is Glutton on steroids and also good with Thunder ammo build. Arguably the strongest weapon in the game right now.
the hunting horn looks like a switch axe
Zinogre, the granddaddy of tobi Kadachi
Fan of Ragegamingvideos i see
And he is disappointed in his grandchild
So can this monster not be caught? We tried multiple times and he just kept busting our traps. Really frustrating.
Idk if its the same in world but in previous gens only pitfalls worked. Shock traps would make him enter his super saiyan enrage state I think. Idk if that answers your question.
Other comment is correct. You must use Pitfall traps. Shock traps cannot restrain the Thunder Woof!
Thanks for the comments, we tried the pitfall trap and it worked beautifully! :)
Yes he can be captured
You can catch him with pitfall traps, but if you use a shock trap while he is powered up he will just destroy it and while one will work when he is normal you have to act quick because it will also power him up if it wears off.
Can only cap him with a Shock trap if he's asleep. One extra thing about monsters going to sleep that they changed for Iceborne: if a monster is low HP and heads towards its nest to sleep the monster WON'T sleep if a hunter is in the same area (meaning the numbered map areas). So make sure once you get a monster to low HP if you want to sleep cap or bomb it - wait a minute for the monster to actually sleep before you run in.
i tried nest trap and it last like 8-10 second. unless you're using a shock trap...which is kinda a dead giveaway why isn't it working :
use pitfall trap... he charges with shock traps.
You can easily cap with shock as well while he is asleep
1. Use 2 tranq bombs on him
2. Go as close under his neck as possible
3. Set shock trap
4. It works fine for me (PROFIT).
i don't suppose your hunter uses that hunting horn like a guitar,wouldn't that be awesome?
If you think and look at the hunting horn it's kinda funny, it's looks very similar to an electric guitar. not sure if this was supposed to be a little joke but to me it's funny either way. also, who's hyped for stygian? His attacks look freaking awesome (and more complicated from when I remembered in MH4U.) Happy Holidays and Happy Hunting! I wish every single one of you the best of luck. May the Sapphire Star light your way and guide you through the hardest of missions. Don't give up! There's still hope! You are a hero of your lands, a friend, the best hunter in the fleet! Get out there and show the monsters that it's YOUR turf! You can do it! You are the legendary Sapphire Star, NOTHING CAN STOP YOU!
Well then...
May the sapphire star light your way aswell freind
Don't forget the old HBG that looked like a Ducati.
Ah... Monster Hunter Portable 3rd memories... It feels really great adding this monster to iceborne. Fighting with him will remind me when I was playing on my psp back then.
Great. the master arena version was given a million hp. 30min of constant hits and still no skull sign. Force your multiplaybull*****up your arse. Not me.
Thats because Master Rank Arena Versions are scaled for multiplayer regardless of participants, sadly.
Whenever they pin me, it just looks like they're licking my face like a very happy dog. Wish I could train one.
Love his theme!