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I have all the rings but the achievement is not showing up, does the upgrade level matter or do I have to have the regular, non upgraded version of the ring?
you need every single iteration of every single ring
Excluding the DLC
For those who are asking, please read, its exactly explained in the top description how to get the achivement, if youre too lazy to play a game 3 times to get an 100% completed darksouls achivement, then just dont play darksouls, hard but simple just be glad you dont need an achivement like: beat Darkeater midir without recieving damage, so just be glad that you just have to beat the game 3 times and not even more often :D
This achivement is not hard dude, is just annoying af...
Not really, I knocked it out in a week or two. What sucks is having to fight DLC boesses two or three times
Just let people play how they want, man. Nothing is wrong with casuls, they're just not as toxic as most of the community
Oh Darkeater Midir, that son of a two dollars w**** . My hardest boss fight ever.
Oh, Darkeater Midir. That son of a two dollars w****
Midir is easy noobs
it took me like 30 minutes to beat midir without taking any damage at sl1. All rings achievement took way more time than that. So not sure what you're on about.
DOMN, PlayStation people must be lazy as shut if they on here asking other people to do the hard work for them
Judging by you're grammar you must or must've been very lazy in school
your* just saying
or they aren't good at pvp? having to fight a way of blue with 2 summons as a solo watchdog sucks and you have to win encounters like that 30 times to get the wolf ring.
Based, begging for rings is top pathetic, also LMAO at the guy saying you're grammar while being a grammar nazi, as expected of playstationcucks
If you aren't good at pvp, you can farm for the covenant items in each of their regions bro. Watchdogs can just kill the three darkwraiths in Faron Keep for all 30. Sure, it might feel sucky, but it is an alternative.



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Hey I got rank 30 on all covenants, and I play on ps4, why do people think its only ps4 people thatare beg and are lazy
Best rings for PVP in descending order excluding rings for specific builds (such as casters): Prisoner's Chain, Ring of Favor +3, Silvercat Ring (situational), Hornet Ring, Chloranthy Ring +3, Sun Princess Ring. Obscuring Ring also exists, but nobody likes playing with people who use it. If that doesn't matter to you, then it's next on the list.
god some of you guys are lazy as *****. if you want the achievement, play the damn game, some of the rings you guys are begging for aren’t even hard to get, you’re just lazy
Dude, cool it. Just let people play how they want, if they're not hurting you quit complaining.
Dude, cool it. Just let people complain if they want, if they're not hurting you quit complaining.
The guy that told you to chill does the same crap, oh man can you drop me everything in the game, "why?" no reason
Does anyone know the link that's mentioned in the top description? I'd like an easy way to keep track of my ring progress.
... Just make your one linst end delete the ring ya have
I have been looking for an answer to a simple question all over the internet and I cannot find it. I know many rings get completely nerfed in PvP when you invade. My question is: Is there a different if you are the invaded, rather than the invader? What I mean is if you are invaded while just doing your normal PvE quest and you get invaded, do the rings suddenly get nerfed the same way they would if you were invading someone?
What does "nerfed in pvp" and "pvp" mean to you? Yes, they do. That's still pvp. Was there something there implying only SOME pvp? You can't find the answer anywhere because it doesn't need stated.
Damn he was asking a question
basically, dmg source from opponent players is the pvp %, dmg source from mobs is the pve %. So it doesnt matter if u r invaded or the invader since player dmg always follow the pvp %
boy wit the quote mark overuse, y toxic
Savage af this first guy
So I'm on ng+ and I've done the quest for the silvercat ring in original and ng+ but I haven't gotten the ring. I'm gonna try again in ng++ but I'd appreciate if someone would just let me swipe the ring from them if they maybe have a second copy. My psn is FreVpn
Wait. Nvm. No PS+ Haha I *****ing hate PlayStation
Nvm no PSPlus God I hate PlayStation
Ok let's say I have missed a +2 ring on Ng++, will that ring be in the same spot even if now i'm on Ng+++? Or have i missed the chance to have it (with the pg in use of course)?
you can still find it don't worry. In the same position
Instead of that stupid skull ring they should’ve Brought the Redeye ring and gave us the same effect as the red eyed Lothric knights
Omg i need it so much to recreate my ds2 build, but no way to make it with the red eyes that make him look badass.
Virgin skull ring vs chad red eye ring