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Fits good on a female knight
Funny 'cause it's meant for the male knights.
This armor doesn't resemble the Legions armor at all. lol
Literally anyone with eyes can see the similarities. They are small, but nevertheless, they are there.
I mean I agree. There are way more differences than similarities. I'm also annoyed that the left pauldron is mentioned specifically and they are clearly quite different.
I messed up sirris' questline in ng+ and really want this armor, if anyone is willing to trade i have some things to offer
I do, are you on pc?
If so my steam is TemPestMist
I want this armor and will trade, im in ng+, message me on xbox@ The Everwatcher
anyone on pc able to trade me this set ad sheild please. steam is sekiromom
If I murder Hodrick when I go before CRG will I still get his armor?
Yeah cause he is just an invading phantom at that rate. As long as you follow Sirris's quest in full and kill the real hodrick in her world it will be lootable
Anyone willing to trade? I messed up the questline, but i have plenty of stuff to trade, xbox is itspandazilla
You know, the helm for this set goes really well with the Eastern Set chest and the Shadow gauntlets/leggings for a historically accurate Samurai build. The gold dome resembles (somewhat) the Nagaeboshi Kawari Kabuto, allowing one to channel their inner Samurai warrior, while still having good defences. I recommend the Uchigatana, Black Blade or Onikiri and Ubadachi for maximum historical accuracy. The Washing Pole would be ok, if the bloody scabbard wasn't carried on the side like a weird cartoon.
I killed him when he invaded me before CRGW, and when I arrived in the pit of hollows I found him dead. Is this a bug? Because this has never happened to me before. Plus his armor set and shield won't spawn, and Sirris is acting like he never died.
You have to do sirris questline and shell summon u at the entrance of curse rotted greatwood to fight him like you did to fight creighton. After u fight hodrick and win reload the area to get his set
what happens if you kill hodrick at the pit of hollows
If you're referring to before the Curse Rotted Greatwood boss fight, nothing changes and you can still progress Sirris' questline