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Better video:
As title says, just like DS2
And all the other Souls games...
Great dexterity scaling, very fast two handed R1. If you have the discipline not to spam, this is a deadly weapon against pretty much anything in pvp. I've been invading with it for the last 6 hours and I only failed to kill 3 targets. Most of these people are running around with dark swords too.

Wouldn't be surprised if it got nerfed to be honest. But of course people would have to notice it first and I've literally never seen anyone else using one.
It would be OP if it had better range.
So is this still basically a weaker but less weighty and lower stat-req. version of the falchion or has it gotten some distinction?
The falchion and similar also don't have the backflip, but regular kicks in this game
It also consumes less stamina, less FP on the first weapon art attack, has higher dex scaling up to S rank with the sharp upgrade path and has better bleed/poison buildup once infused
This is nothing like the falchion.
They're nearly the same weapon, few differences except for the in the stats.
I would like to point out the obvious but I think it is worth mentioning. They look very different and as such will complement different armor pieces for fashion souls. Also the scimitar has a lower strength requirement so if you are starting as a sorcerer the scimitar will only require one point in dex to be able to use.
I have spent hours doing pvp with this weapon on my dex/int. Buff build and it is just amazing. It has a great scaling and a great moveset.
How much dex/int do you go with 50/50 or 40/60 or 60/40?
40/60 is your best bet
I use it on a dark build and if you dark infuse it, freking broken hitboxes(I swear I've done the spin WA and hit people fourth miles sway)
I really lyke this weapons moveset and appearance but no matter how I look at it, the carthus curved sword is just much better. I would much rather use this one but the carthus has much higher base damage, a bleed auxiliary, and higher range, compared to the scimitar having... slightly better scaling and thats it.
It still has the basic curved sword moveset, and killer scaling with dex when sharp infused. Use your imagination and really any weapon in the game is "feasible".

... Unless maybe if what you're going for is the SL120 meta scene, but even then, maybe?
Super late, but I love the scimitar - I use a dex Pyro build, and the low str requirement is gr8. I use 50 dex in order to be at casting speed cap. The low range isn't a problem since I have pyromancy for range. I just needed a good, short ranged blade.
no wonder. bleed was op at that time.
"No bleed" is what I ended up here over. The damage starting off with this weapon is terrible and it doesn't have the bleeding property it had over the Falchion in DS2. It's very "what's the point?"
Curious to try this Bleed infused..
The stats for the scimitar at +8 chaos infusion are wrong, mine is: 99phys with 96 fire and its scalings are E str A dex C int C faith
Needs updated, starts off with a B dex scaling.