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>Horace we've done it. We really have... i cry evrytiem
I'm guessing by the amount of dark sigils you get during the londor questline, anri is very hollowed by the time you meet them
I think the turn hostile after awhile because the turn fully hollow. Would make sense.
I don't think ive ever had a emotional attachment to her. In fact, with any of her endings it was always a huh, well ok. Where is your stuff. Seigward was more interactive. I guess it boils down to feeling bad for Horace. She obviously drug him all over pointlessly, so he left. Which suited me fine. They did not impact my game play in the slightest.
I'm not sure if I'm right but I feel like he turned hollow and mad. Though it doesn't have any evidence of that, he does suddenly turn hostile in the smouldering lake, he possibly went there to keep Anti safe.
Honestly I don't blame you for getting no attachment in a series as bleak as this. Hell, there's bosses in BB that you just feel bad for. Everyone just has a crappy life in soulsborne
game : Anri's gender is always the opposite of the player character's gender lgbtq activist : *triggered*
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well, it's anri's STRAIGHT sword, so...
Have you guys met my hot bacon husband, Anri?
Anri is as dumb as the people marrying her.