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Had a thought to get latent power 7, dual blades with the healing augment, recovery speed 3 and recovery up 3 and super recovery. Now how am I going to fit in crit boost, earplugs and critical eye. . . ..?
B sets and decos
Not very useful under most conditions, however the Safi'Jiiva set bonus in Iceborne has made this skill somewhat attractive for high stamina usage weapons, particularly Dual Blades. The self-damage inflicted when attacking by the armour set bonus counts towards the amount of damage required to activate Latent Power, allowing you to have the buff active almost all of the time. However, if you're not using the Safi'Jiiva armour or you're not using a stamina-hungry weapon then there are more efficient ways to get affinity into your build, and if you're not using a stamina-hungry weapon then you won't really care about Latent Power's stamina reduction effect anyway.
Even worth it on Ls, with safi Lp can be triggered in about 30 secs, resulting in a total EFR loss of about ~10 compared to permanent affinity, while freeing up about twice the loss in deco slots.
Does it stack with power prolonger?
Does this include blocked damage?
you mean chip damage?
... Does this work with adept stormslinger self-damage?
I don't see why not, considering it works with the Safi set bonus.
It does, just be careful and have potions or other healing items handy. I also recommend the vitality skill so you don’t have to heal as often.
How does Latent Power interact with Marathon Runner, do they stackm
Except not. Stamina cost reduction is capped at a maximum of 50%
Would this be a good skill to go with maximum might?
Not really. This ability is so unreliable and you have to depend on getting hit in order for it to trigger. Pick something else this ability is garbage in this game.
Listed the kaiser crown twice


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It's just listing High Rank and Master Rank versions, which is correct
You just stupid read it properly pls
Good choice with the new Fatalis weapon and set bonus!
Is it though? The ability only triggers after taking a lot of damage or 5 minues and only lasts for 2 minutes. It's unreliable. Also you don't need more than 30% stamina depletion since you can just drink Dash juice and eat for Felyne Black Belt. Overall this skill seems pretty bad and I question why people would use such an unreliable skill. There are better options.
Cause 60% afinity on every part of the monster is crazy. +u can spam rolls all day with this. Its the best for DB and fresh players who get hit a lot anyways and dont see openings for CC WWEX combo
There are better options. Latent power is very unreliable. Even if you’re a “new” player, I highly doubt your would kill fatalis. Maximum might peak performance agitator divine blessing. All of those are way more reliable than latent where you have to either ge this a lot or wait form it to trigger. Not worth it. Pick something else. Agitators is pretty meta
every monster deals high damage lategame so it will trigger often through damage and is not unreliable. Of course its not good for players that play very clean but in my multi experience thats rare.
Chill... you all are being toxic elitists rn lol in the replies
The only problem with this. jewel is it does not override itself upon next threshold reached while active.