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Had a thought to get latent power 7, dual blades with the healing augment, recovery speed 3 and recovery up 3 and super recovery. Now how am I going to fit in crit boost, earplugs and critical eye. . . ..?
Not very useful under most conditions, however the Safi'Jiiva set bonus in Iceborne has made this skill somewhat attractive for high stamina usage weapons, particularly Dual Blades. The self-damage inflicted when attacking by the armour set bonus counts towards the amount of damage required to activate Latent Power, allowing you to have the buff active almost all of the time. However, if you're not using the Safi'Jiiva armour or you're not using a stamina-hungry weapon then there are more efficient ways to get affinity into your build, and if you're not using a stamina-hungry weapon then you won't really care about Latent Power's stamina reduction effect anyway.
Does it stack with power prolonger?
Does this include blocked damage?