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Seems to cancel immediately if you deal ANY amount of damage to the controlled mob. Stood on a roof looking down on two corvian knights - raported one of them who then happily hacked his buddy to death - as I jumped down I bumped into it dealing 2 damage - happily hacked me to death
30 sec duration. You got killed from not paying attention. You can wail on rapport'ed enemies all you want without breaking.
No it doesn’t end when you damage the enemy in effect.
I would also like to point out this is false. I've wailed on enemies in the Painting of Ariandel after I realized it was just going to wear off without them getting near other enemies. It's useful against tough, rapport-able enemies, that you'd rather just cheese.
Also a note: I tested it on the clone in Pontiff Sulyvahns bossfight. Doesn't work, sadly. If anyone can prove me wrong, please tell me.
No surprise there, but thanks for testing.
Does work on the poison horn bug -sheba, tested in farron area road of sacrifice.
Doesnt seam to work on chaos demons. The ones that summon the flame orbs that shoot you with 4 arms. Tested by Sheba in smoldering lake. Nor most undead such as skeletons in the catacombs. But does work on the worm in smoldering lake though it does nothing to benefit. Some enemies it will show the effect of working but they can fight through it for a while before it takes affect or will not attack and fall back in a ready to fight stance until you approach them similar to the corvian. Doesnt work on giants as it's not possible so far to target their hit box. Can be cast first then used auto target to quickly jump your target if you know where they are as it takes 2-3 secs to point. There are some mobs that it will work on and then it will quickly be removed or they can be cured by another mob target. Could be lore based or resistance to curses. That's all from -Sheba hope it helps
they aren't demons
doesn't work on ringed knights
also does not work on candle-head scholars
Obviously more commonly encountered enemies, most of all Humanoids should be "enthralled" over things like Dark and Bosses but this appears to be very inconsistant in it's effects and wonky AI (freakin shocker.) It should have a visual effect leaving towards the target. For common sense reasons, good to know Rapport is kind of bad since "Yearn" won't be making a come back. Sad that aiming it was better in DkS1 as well. So much for the idea of progression towards quality.
Lothric Knight Fight Clubs are a go! I'm betting on spear man for $370



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Greatsword knight > spear knight
Doesn't work on those gross Wretches (the failed dragon-things in the dungeon that look like Gollum), nor on Gargoyles. Does work on caged hollows, leech-spitting hollows, giant leech-covered crawling things, and invisible Irithyll Slaves.
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