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Another low-key amazing weapon for pvp. It has great range. Probably in the top 5 of spears and pikes. It attacks faster than pikes. Has super low requirements. Amazing scaling. But what really seals the deal is it's ridiculous tracking. If your opponents are panic rolling as opposed to proper reaction rolls, they're getting roll caught.
Time for bellyflop
I've never once used this weapon, but I love, LOVE people who do. Nobody uses this weapon because they like it. Nobody uses this weapon because it's cool. It's a rake that pokes people, that's it. There's one reason and one reason only to use this weapon: because you want to win. Style and dignity be damned, as long as you can get that W! This is never the try-hard's main weapon, oh no. It's the weapon they switch to once their opponent is at 20% or fewer HP. Once it's out, no matter the skill level of the wielder they all do the same thing: *poke* *poke* *poke*! This is their downfall. If you're on the receiving end of these four and a half pointy bois, don't panic, don't try to run away and heal, you will most likely die. Just parry them. I'm not a parry god by any measure. I usually don't even use the hornet ring and even I get a solid first-try parry off this weapon about 75% of the time it's whipped out. Because, like I said, everyone who uses it does the same thing: aggressively and relentlessly *poke*, which makes them super predicable. Parrying a giant fork user is more satisfying than spanking a gank. Since they're definitely a try-hard, there's a 1000% more of a chance their raging hard on the other end. Please, garden equipment jockeys, never stop using this weapon.
I suggest getting a checkup at your nearest surgeon. Your head seems to be stuck very far up your ***
LOL this fcking salt guy! gitGud CAsul
How stupid do you have to be to call someone *****ing around with a***** weapon a "tryhard" simply because he's beating you when he's playing normally. Quit your *****ing denial
I dont play pvp actively for many reasons, one is because it's full of idiots like you, but if i were to use this against a player it'd be purely as joke because goddamn if it aint a fun weapon
In dark build this weapon does the same amount of damage as the lothric spear...regardless the fact that with this build u do more damage than optimised strenght and dex builds( with spears obviously ) it is actually good...and I don't think I have to necessarily be a tryhard to use it....
Oh poor guy he doesn't do pvp because of could u live a normal life if u can't manage to relate with others in a videogame ...this weapon is the same as any other spear if not better because of his better hitbox but u use it as a joke! This prove that u are a casul...but what am I saying? U can't even stand a loss in a videogame...Man don't git gud....get a life! And take it easy u'll live better and perhaps u would play online and u would accept to lose a couple of games sometimes!
yeah parrying works every time until you get backstabbed
No, no people use this weapon because it's a good weapon and people are allowed to like it either solely or mostly just because it's a stupid looking, gimmicky weapon. The damn thing has a near useless Weapon Art, and a lot of Spears with the normal Charge can get a lot of value from it fairly often. Sure, it's got a hell of a lot of range and a kind of B*****box, but it's not like it's the only weapon in the game that has them. This entire post is just, "Nooo! You can't use the farming equipment and kill me!" "haha, rake spear go brr."
We are farmers.
Bum ba dum
Dum dum dum dum
Put a raw infusion on this boy and when the host is low you know what to do
This weapon is the most overpowered thing I've seen in any game in a while.


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really... this thing is TheE mOsT oVeRpOWeRed ThInG. ok bud
Chill onion knight, it was a joke.
S in Blessed. This is a holy weapon for farmer.
Weirdly enough, this is probably my favourite spear! Really underrated! Works wonders with lightning blade!
Underrated? Dude i see this weapon all the time xd
What doesn't work with lightining blade?? Anyway try darmoon blade it is better! Or a dark build it is like 30/40 damage per hit less than DMB but u don't have to buff the weapon all the times expecially in ivasions when u have 4 people chasing ur @$$!
Yeah probably underrated...but everyone that know a little of this game know that with dark build it is the best spear because of the damage being the same as the lothric spear. So it is the most damaging spear with much better hitbox, not including greatlance and halberd that are more damagig but slower. With a proper Dar build it does like about 250 damage per hit plus Leo ring...I think it is pretty awesome! OK greatlance with Darkmoon blade 40 str and 60 faith is much better but it is pretty useless in invasion because u have to apply the buff anytime when people are chasing u...not so good...better for Arena pvp...
BUFF BUILDS ARE TRASH. With the exception being maybe, maybe, darkmoon blade. **** Lightning blade though. Infuse this thing dark or chaos for ridiculous damage for a spear
The hit-box on this spear makes it incredibly difficult to side-step it online and I love it.