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If anyone is having a problem with the hound This is how I just did it this play through defiled chalice. I was able to beat him pretty easily lv 61 no coop waste of skin 30-24-30 ish HP, end, skill 18% gems, no paper with cane tricked. I stood directly in front of him, light hit his face once, walk backwards like 3 steps, he swipes his head horizontally. step forward 1-2 steps, hit face once. Literally that's it. Once his head armor breaks the dmg for me was ~ 630. If you get close to a wall just start turning him to give yourself room. Occasionally he will charge but it's easy to see that coming and dodge left. I think he did it 4 times total counting the one entering the room. I'd say around 30% he will sweep fire a bit more so you might not be able to get a hit in for a bit but just dodge back and wait it out, you can get back in the rhythm again. just be patient. took me 10-15 minutes.
I recommend the loch shield for the charge attack. Stops it from being a 1 shot K.O
when he coughs up fire, the hitbox covers his entire head and neck, so don't try to get under him to dodge it. be careful
I wasted like 15 insight on the summon before this fight. He did really good damage, but when he died (not if but when) I always fumbled it on the final 3rd of health After I opted to try the bait and punish tactic, and it actually worked really well Bait the swipe attacks, keep an eye on any follow ups, and punish. Dont waste your time on the limbs, they're harder to stay focused on. Back step the bark, side step the charge, take your victory
I summoned Olek a handful of times but I just stopped. He already has a STUPID amount of health, and the npc summons dont help much at all :\ this boss is cancer in the defiled chalice
Don't summon Olek... skip him and run straight to boss entrance. There's a better summon outside the door... lasts way longer. In my experience he still dies at some point though so you'll probably be on your own for the end.
In defined chalice dungeon this is the most ridicilous one shot machine I think I have ever seen. The hit boxes are so ridicilous, getting hit even not being close to the head while he does the bite attack... I just need to GIT GUD...
Gitting gud doesnt have much to do with this fight in the defiled. It is absolute horse*****All he does is use his fire swipe or the bark and it just *****en stun locks you into death. Absolute garbage boss.
Transformed Church Pick R1 attack does pretty damn well since its thrust and serrated. Bolt paper gave me an extra 150-200 AR as well.
Sorry meant 150-200 extra damage to the boss, not actual AR numbers.
Shoot the head with a piercing rifle to chip at him effectively. It should hit multiple times. Don't forget BMA. Should make the time you have to spend close to him a lot shorter
Fights an awful lot like the giant pigs, and feels like a DS boss, except he's on fire, his breath is on fire, the room is on fire, you're on fire, oh ***** I died again, the loading screen is on fire
It’s frustrating as hell, I just beat him now, that’s why I’m trying to offer some advice anyway I can hahaha. Just get a little close to his face and bait him to bite you, then only hit im ONCE. Dodge back, rinse wash repeat. I had to do that to win, only attack him once until his armor breaks. When he hunches over, go for him with everything you have until he recovers. Good luck bro
Oh I've farmed enough gems to never need to fight him again. Just felt like explaining how it feels to take him on
Finally beat this little *#%&$@!!! Slow and steady really wins the race, I died to this boss all damn day yesterday! Do NOT get greedy. A lot of videos show jump attacks as effective but that just doesn’t work for me. I wait until he tries to bit, then when he’s almost back to starting position I run in and slash his face ONCE the dodge/roll back. That’s it. In his last phase he can chain up to four bites in one combo, only attack him on the last bite when his face gets in really close and to your left! That’s really important. Don’t get greedy and really expect to spend 10-20 mins on this boss. Bring bolt papers if you can. Good Luck
Oh yeah! When you break his armor and he hunches over, rush in and get as many hits as possible, or 1 charged R2 attack before he tecovers!