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this guy doesn't get a dual blade, i'm sad because i'm a dual blade main.
ME TOO!Dual blades are THE best weapon isn’t the game. (Greatsword I saw the worst) (thi all I am personal preference and a joke, don’t be offended)
I use dual blades because it's fast and I'm bad at remembering combos
No insect glaive either, main flying dragon doesnt give main flying weapon...
dual blades are the best but some weapons are better than others for some monsters i use dual blades hammer and long sword
Does this thing ever shut up?
It does when you put a ten foot mother f@#$*&^ sword between its eyes
It’s Legiana, do we ever expect it to be quiet?
I mean it is called shrieking, so go get your earplugs boi
Whoever designed the moveset of this abomination definitely has a special place in hell. Finished mine on 18mins solo but jesus christ that fight is so painful I'd never do that crap again.
Its weapons r better than velkhanas for the elemental dps of alatreon
Laughs in insect glaive with jump master and master mounter,
Easiest monster in iceborne.
There is special place in hell for someone who make this, this***** is the definition of annoying, not hard just pure annoying
Not hard, but very cheap, like most of the new monsters. Also there's a basic Legiana that always seems to get in the way...
Yep. This thing kept getting in the way and I was stupid enough to aggro them both.
Is it just me or does it seem like we might ne cockblocking this legiana?


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Here, let me sum up the fight for you. REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
Wrong comment section bro, that's ment the tigrex and it's variant.
" A " Legiana ?
Delete this creature and its quest please I don't like fighting 3 monsters at once.
Lol, use dung pods, ez
Legiana with more ice
Best way to explain this fight.

Loud Annoying E-Girl calling her Simp to white knight for her constantly every time you so much as look at her.