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such a broken and rewarding move for the end of the game, the fact it's not locked to it's blood code makes it 10x better and can make Jack's blood code or the QueenSlayer code do so much more damage when paired with their moves, honestly the drain is the nicest thing on it and flat increases over % makes it great for helping low level people.
This is actually true, running this + sacrificial edge (or additionally with fatal surge: OPTIONAL) can outmatch the overall potential of queenslayer's final journey.
Strong, but situational passive, not every build will make a good use of this. I think it's a perfect passive for builds and blood codes that use a lot of abilities and passives to make themselves tanky, so they can survive at 50% or less hp without instantly getting one shot to get value out of it. Eos bloodcode with the unique damage reduction ability would be able to make good use of this. For squishy builds like casters for example, while dark and light gift increase is insanely good on them, you realistically never want to be that low on health because next hit from the boss or even a stronger mob will likely immediately one shot you. Just my thought regarding the matter.
You can pair this with Foulblood Barrier, which allows you to survive most hits even with half health (other than big moves from bosses), or Feral Tenacity (whose threshold for triggering is above 50% health). There are other barrier type gifts too.
I feel like this should absolutely have a percentage increase instead of a flat one. I mean, it is in the code of the literal boss wielding the moonlight greatsword, the fattest and hardest hitting of the swords, so I don't see why you should get more value out of it while using something like the Executioner, pumping out as many attacks as you can.