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So I found an easy uncanny beast claw while goofing off in random chalice dungeons. If you're going for plat it's got 3 drops and the bosses are easy. Rotted ailing loran Jax4b59v Layer 1 pre lamp Uncanny beast claw Layer 2 pre lamp Lost rifle spear Layer 3 pre boss Dissipating lake rune I'm mostly a casual player but I'll leave it up for a time.
Gotta try and tear apart laurence with this. That boss use to one shot players, so dont ever mind about beasthood s drawback. Just eat him alive.
When did they change it to only being attainable from a chalice dungeon? I just started replaying this and I'm positive that on my first playthrough...granted it was like the year or year after it came out....I got it as a drop from a hunter npc enemy wielding this weapon in the Yahar'gul unseen village.


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Quite some time ago tbh, but the glitch was that you could buy it if you summoned someone who had the weapon equipped. No NPC in the game drops it anywhere.
Favorite weapon in the game
So little help for people wanting to do a build with this weapon. Do a quality build and rock the Ludwigs until you get the actual Beast Claws, and start on the Military Veteran origin, at 40 vit/30 end/ and 50 str/skill, it doesnt put you at 150 if your doing a coop build, so you can also have 23 arcane so you can use the phantasm shell cause lets face it, you dont wanna parry, you just wanna rip stuff apart.+ its pretty much an infinite buff so why not.
Rip and tear until it is done
*Loads Blunderbuss with religious intent*
With beasts embrace rune, the unique jump attack actually staggers an enemy as If a charged strong attack was used, letting a visceral attack be used. Since theres no normal charged strong attack with the transformed weapon with the rune equipped this is pretty useful


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only if you hit them in the back, though
You motherfriggin legend.
The most under-rated weapon in the whole game. A good player will annihilate anything with these. Plus, they're buffable.
Best Pve weapon, expecially strong against bosses with multiple hitboxes (like the one reborn). Decent in Pvp...
>When this weapon is equipped, your gloves will be replaced by two bone gauntlets. This can allow for the lost art of rapid glove changing if you switch your weapons really fast. ngl i snorted