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this is the armor from the cover art
Only katakana dex casuls worry about stats. Waiting for ladle in the DLC so I can make my naked swag lord build
Only casuls care about stats
I have to say its stats are not very impressive, but for the look, it is very cool.
Yeah but it's fashion souls, love the look :)
Most sets are not very impressive


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hope we have great discussion ahead!
You can buy the set just after defeating the final boss without going into NG+.
Not true i just defeated the final boss did not go into NG+ and the set is not for sale. maby there are other conditions to be met?
It seems you can buy it when you enter the last area or get summoned into someone's world to kill him. I'm able to buy the set without actually defeating the boss.
how do I get Leonhard set
Kill him. Buy it from chair lady
This looks like a corrupted version of the Elite Knight Armor set. Probably a reference to the chosen undead you play from ds1.
They're practically. Gauntlets, leggings, even patches of cloth. I'm guessing this symbolizes Oscar, but I'm not sure.
Or the chosen undead
Elite Knight Set from DS 1 and Alva Set from DS2. The color palette seems to be from the Alva Set and the whole set is like an amalgamation of the two sets.



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I wonder why . . .
Really only the gauntlets resemble the Alva set.
Does the outfit change depending if you're upper body is bigger than normal or?
Yes. Here's a tip if you wanna wear this set (assuming your wearing the helm) use a small head for best results.
your body proportions do make armor seem fatter / thinner, yes.
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