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Weapon is pretty good for pyromancy builds. Starting as a pyromancer you can wield it for a mere 5 point investment. That in itself is a huge selling point, as casters need many stats to come online. You can get it really early as well, the only bosses you have to beat are Vordt and the Crystal Sages. Once at the cleansing chapel, you can start the DLC, and run past everything and fight Wilhelm in 10 minutes. Bait him out of his library and kick him off a cliff for an easy victory and it's yours. So about 40 minutes of play time total if you know where to go, what to do, and run past things. The damage is kinda low to be honest, but like most good weapons, it's real strengths lay it's range and moveset. It has phenomenal reach, and the wide sweeping one handed moveset compliments the linear projectiles of the pyromancy kit. Not quite a top tier weapon like an infused lothric knight sword or gotthard's, but still a solid 8/10.


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was once killed only by the weapon buff....and I think it wasn't even intentionaly.
love this weapon ,early kill dancer with this
Time for twink
Holy***** I love this weapon so much. Perfect for my pyromancer-build.
Looks cool and edgy af, but beware of its triple split damage. A dark claymore has more damage and can be obtained earlier, just saying.