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I don't know what I did wrong however I talked to Withermore and got his quest to destroy his soul jar. I found and destroyed his soul Jar. (He was dead when I went back to check on him, and the kid was crying). However when I made it to Braccus Rex's Tower he would NOT appear and help me open the barrier. Instead I was forced to use a source point. Luckily I had one.
Me too
He only appears if you don't have a source point to use.
Click it with a character that doesn't have a point even if your main character does.
"A child may technically be alive, but so is a potato... if you understand me." Withermoor's best line. Delivery is perfect.
I haven't fully tested this but... Make sure to collect the soul jar and only destroy it in front of him so that his body will remain. From the corpse, you'll get a unique belt with +1 memory. Not the greatest thing, but at least it has a high value for selling.
Also Mody will weep for him if you kill him by removing the spear and then play hide and seek with mody