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Way too much headcanon nonsense around here. But being connected to Bloodborne takes the cake. Get real ***** bois.
gwyndolin has tits
Why is Rakuyo fanfiction on here? Half these theories are worse than what MatPat can come up with.
This comment section reeks of virginity. Go to the DS3 wiki page or something.
Here is my personal opinion on Gwyndolins who gender business, he was raised as a girl because Gwyn is a old pervert, but despite being told and raised to act as a girl he still sees himself as a man my reasoning behind this are because item descriptions and the fact that he controls his sisters illusion and tells Yorshka he is a male
Although I must admit he has a pretty nice rack for a boy and I wouldn’t mind if he saw himself as a chick if you know what I’m saying
I think Gwyn simply needed another daughter for excha...-marriage and he still had Gwyndolin soo..... yeah.
Trans icon Gwyndolin
Actually he's an icon for male crossdressers, which is as anti-tranny as it gets. He's proof that you don't have to mutilate yourself or subscribe to cancerous ideologies to simply be a cute male.
december 10th anon: bro chill, being trans isn't a "cancerous ideology," it's a struggle. no one chooses to be trans, they're born that way. this is backed up by science btw. when they get surgery, they aren't "mutilating themselves" they're trying to make it so that they feel at home in their bodies. calm down with that transphobic rhetoric, facts don't care about your feelings.
Seems to me that you're the one putting your feelings ahead of the facts my degenerate friend. "this is backed up by science" *btw*. Oh c'mon, cut us a break alright, we all know your *scientific* source. It wouldn't be a website that starts with buzz and ends with feed would it? You wouldn't be looking at (((sources))) that validate your opinion WOULD YOU?
If I kill Gwyndolin, will the PVP sin carry over to NG+?