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How OP is iron flesh/lingering dragoncrest ring +2/3(? Can't remember if it caps at 2) in this? It still gives a flat 100 poise? Stack with bountiful light, see how it goes. Chime WA or Filianore's WA for even better results.
Its strange i am being less summoned while this covenant is activated for fight. Instead i am being summoned more frequently with sun warrior covenant activated and a summon sign left.
This covenant exists to give gankers what they deserve for good. The boss 's bonus should be added to invaders equipped with this covenant
People running away in this fight seriously guys youre just cancer, its nearly impossible to kill someone like that alone. They'll run away if you get them low the painting guardian comes if you attack the painting they attack you aswell if you try attacking them they keep running/rolling and the guardian does damage to you.
Well after i had a guy like that i just kept reviving the boss and a friend and me just kept killing him until we were blocked or he quit.
it's called strategy.
That s payback for you, gonkers
That's why you can summon Lapp for the fights...
Peanut butter
Very informative and eye opening
Before I read this comment, I couldn't beat Gundyr, now I have finished the game, thank you stranger.
I don’t have the covenant yet... But it keeps summoning me in... help?
Yeah, same thing for me. Which makes me wonder what the point of this covenant is. Even the rewards only help you when you've been summoned for that fight.
It is possible to be randomly summoned as the boss if you are in the ringed city, or if you have your summon sign placed in the ringed city. Being in the covenant just allows you to be summoned from anywhere else in the game.
Atleast u get summoned, i want to get summoned, but nothing, maybe once in 30 minutes :/
They should’ve made this a boss on that could happen anywhere as long as they have the covenant equipped just no heals and if the host kills him he could get like a slab or other goodies
A idea for you spear bros for a Abyss watcher cosplay where the whole abyss watcher set and get enough Vit so you can also wield either the claymore or bastard sword and a parrying dagger and when you get to half hp pull out your Farron Greatsword to really switch things up just remember the R1 button exists when you use the Farron Greatsword
Useless it doesn’t even help


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And remember to glitch buff Farron greatsword with flame
I would recommend dedicated spears to always level their faith to 25 so you can use Great Heal and enough attunement to pull up 2 of them in case the first one gets denied. Tried this "build" which is a really fun mess of just cycling through stylish weapons and buffing your stuff and etc. Currently SL 98 and it actually works wonders up until now. Died to occasional gonkers with their big boi slabs of metal they call a UGS and gets thrown dung pies. Actually got good feedback from it too.
"SPEAR OF THE CHURCH, HEARKEN TO THE CALL THAT SUMMONS THEE" *Spear of the Church Big Chungus was summoned* Oh...