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When velkana ices your feet, HOW are you supposed to get out of it??? It's a guaranteed death by stabbing.
Git gud lol
Asking for one simple thing and all we get is this brainless moron. Gee, does anyone know or do people just take it without question?
Thats the thing you can't. You get stabbed to death if it happens
OK. I'm starting to wonder if a slinger torch on the ground will melt the ice, if not then staying away from the head is the only way to not get caught by it.
STab isn't a guaranteed death, you clearly just have poopy armor.
So I have to do this on single player since I cant hold a connection well enough, for Iceborn wyvern quest I have to carve through about 23k health just to slay it?
The game's difficulty is based on if you play solo or in multiplayer. Solo difficulty has the least HP. Multiplayer increases the monster's HP depending on if you are playing with 2 or more players. 2 player difficulty has less HP than 4 player difficulty. There is no 3 player difficulty. If there is more than 2 players then it will be 4 player difficulty.
by how much does the monsters HP increase with each player. like for example Velkhana will have 22600 hp when solo. So how much does it go up when there's four people? I ask mainly cause I've failed the Iceborn Wyvern quest 6 times already with a group of four people.
Partbreaker and dragonblight helps. Shattering his armor completely will send him crashing down.
Why is Velkhana’s “special attack” just it using all it’s moves at once? No use of armor, no special ice storm, just all of it’s normal ice attacks at once with maybe some range increase; but it benefits you to stay down if you’re hit! The other specials are terrifying, potential one-shots thats are great at invoking frenzy and evasion, but Velkhana, the FLAGSHIP, has a special that’s kinda just “Oh, it’s using the special. I got hit? Meh, Imma just stay down. And it’s over. Aight.” Yeesh... Compare that to Nergi’s dive bomb and you’ll see the issue.
Don’t get me wrong, Velkhana themself is pretty darn awesome, but the special felt anticlimatic.
I need help. I'm trying to fight Velkhana with my Lance/ Gunlance and Velkhana's beam attacks just go through my block entirely. How can I fight it?
So use guard up+ironbreaker or chese him by staying in the air with the insect glave the whole fight cus he can't hit you.
Vaal Hazak that actually flies and his high on Ice