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Lol, this guy. Hanging lizards and disembodied hands in attics, this guy was a total cheater.
Magister Edden is in love with Magister Tatcher, thats why she doesnt want her to sleep with the Lizard lady like Borris. But you only find out if you have the Mystic tag.
When in Driftwood you acquire the Spirit Vision and speak to the ghost of Magister Zusan (hung Lizard Magister at the place, where you find Meistr Siva), her memories reveal, that she was in love with Magister Borris. Their "SIN" somehow led to Bishop Alexandar's death and as a punishment Borris was sent to serve duty in Fort Joy (which is weird, because in Joy, Alexandar and Borris are seen in one place, so the love of Zusan and Borris can't lead to the demise of Alexandar prior to the moving of Borris to Joy).