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NG+ is worth it, at least +1. 2 new armour sets and a new game intro (on the plane).
Which new sets can you get in NG+?
is it a bug of some sorts, on NG++ enemies drop only Level XX gear, not matter their level.
Yeah, I left NG++ cuz of this. Hoping they fix this.Although I don't have anything left to do in TS2.
Nope, not a bug. Mk.XX is the max level equipment one can get. From then on, only enemies get stronger while the player remains at the same power level.



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I beat the game once and started the NG+, but suddenly I felt like re-playing the first one....
Well, it felt so good....and i can say for sure that TS1 is way harder than TS2
No mention of the extra opening scene, new NPC or new weapons and armor? What else might be missing...


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I think player's max gear/weapon level is MK XX (level 20). I reached NG++, enemy Level go beyond 20, now their level is 26. I think the developer want us to enjoy the challenge.
After ng++ The enemies become way too hard to kill
Guys how can I upgrade a below mk.x gear in ng+?