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I killed migo before I ever knew Yarrow existed, he just started attacking me.
better tip for maximum efficiency.

1. grab a Yarrow flower.
2. talk to Yarrow grab the quest.
3. go to Migo, give him the flower to get the ring.
4. kill Migo get the breastplate.
5. go back to Yarrow give her the ring.
6. follow Yarrow to Migo's corpse.
7. talk to her, grab exp.
8. kill Yarrow and grab the ring.
playing for exp and "efficiency" and disregarding story is just about the only wrong way to play this game.
still makes sense storywise though
cruel man have no friend
"playing for exp and "efficiency" and disregarding story is just about the only wrong way to play this game."

- Not true at all. Whenever I would replay divinity original sin, I would try new builds and see how much I can ramp up my characters and how strong they can get (usually on lone wolf). When doing this I would always maximize my XP and always looking for opportunities to kill anyone without any negative main story line effects.

I don't see why anyone would down vote this comment. If you don't want to play for maximum efficiency then don't. One of the great things about this game is you can play it however the **** you want so its hypocritical to tell the OP of this comment that their way is wrong. The comment has good substance and got my vote.
I pickpocket kids and steal from shrines. I murder for experience and loot their corpses for treasure with my blooded hands, then I sell my ill-gotten goods to a merchant I've robbed before. Does it make me think about my crimes? Yes, it does. Seriously, it does. When I knick the shells from the little girl at the beach who's arranging them I feel bad about it. Not because of the virtual girl but because of the meaning in reality. And that's good I think, to think and feel I mean. But playing a game is not only about reality but also about the game itself and this game lets you thieve and murder with impunity most of the time and I think that's a good thing too! It lets us do a few more things in the game and thus make it a slightly more real world. I also think about Magister Yarrow and the tragedy of Mígo despite that I need that exp, chest and ring you know. Am I a monster? Come on guys, be real.
To Mar 2018 Anon; I really DO feel bad when I do bad things in an RPG. I honestly don't know if leaving Migo alive, but as a monster who eats other people, is better than killing him. Magister Yarrow, from her conversations, doesn't seem like she knew what Dallis was doing; maybe she suspected. I feel like you should put Migo out of his misery, but I'm honestly emotionally conflicted. Sometimes I reload RPGs because I've killed a "good person" or even stole from "a saint." Sometimes I've not stolen from someone because they were "an angel." Maybe we're the oddities in the game; I don't think most people feel a moral conflict for performing bad actions in video games. Would I have killed Hitler if he had a daughter and she were standing next to him looking up at him with happiness? I don't know... Am I doing the world harm or good? For some reason, pickpocketing most people in the game doesn't bother me. I'm not a thief in real life, but in the game it feels like a necessary task to keep me strong enough to face the challenges. I can't buy everything I need with the gold I'm given and I start dirt poor.
If you have to kill "innocents" to see how much you can "ramp up" a character, either you RP is about making a genocide or its not... If you feel like its a necessity, well you are wrong, I've made multiple runs and never had to kill innocents (except on my "genocide run") There are so many little tricks you can use to get what you need without acting immoral. You are the kind of person who NEEDS to hire a mercenary in order to walk the blood path (outch, I don't know if you understand the implications but that's a rough insult right there)
If you do everything well, she'll give you a key.
Can also kill her
I just stole the ring from her and then left her crying on the beach, I feel really bad about it.
You can pickpocket the ring right off of her right when you give it to her and she's still in conversation asking if you found Migo. You can also take the key. She does not bother to accuse anyone of stealing and runs to the beach to look for Migo. In a way, it serves her right; Migo gave me the ring for the flower and when I repeatedly told her about Migo, where he was, and described him, she failed to believe me or even go look for herself. Lazy and arrogant...
Not sure if it's possible with Migo's ring, but it worked with the Yarrow flower, so might be worth testing, if someone interested. I grabbed the flower and wanted to keep my inventory organized, I put it in one of the backpacks, then speaking with Migo, I "handed him" the flower through the dialogue option, but the real flower stayed in the backpack, he gave me his ring, so I had both the ring and the flower. If you do this with the ring and Magister Yarrow, it may save you the ring, eventhough you "give it away" to her. Don't know, I gave it to her the normal way (had it in the inventory, not in bags/backpacks).