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Dunno if anyone already did this but if you attack him at the 3rd encounter the moment he summon the chest and his jar you’ll start the fight before he picks it up... and I didn’t pay attention myself till I used whirlwind beside the alter and the jar broke it was instant death for him easiest way to kill him.
Had issues starting the fight right after he summons the chest and jar. Use teleport.. have it ready and him clicked.. you can do this way before... when he summons items... just teleport him behind you a bit and auto fight starts.
In third fight as soon as Xhaxh summons jar and chest teleport him far away. Then have a player in you squad absorb the soul in the jar. He dies. Easy. You get the chest items, loot, and xp.I have definitive edition on pc.


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While you can kill him instantly by breaking/absorbing the jar as others have mentioned, you'll miss out on the Exp from the hearts. Another way to easily win the fight and get the hearts is to use Terrain Transmutation on the nearby lava (found on the southern side of the ruins, you only need to move it 3-4 times to get it to the altar) and teleport Xhaxh into the lava after the battle starts (you can position everyone on the high ground before you interrupt him with a ranged attack and block the vines with a summon). The hearts are easy to kill the usual way, they don't seem to be affected by the lava.
This is the answer! One slight modification is to separate your party members (one to the south of the altar, one on the high ground (north of the altar), one east close to the tree, and one to do the talking. If you're doing this quest at level 11 (like I was) this will help prevent your party members from getting significantly damaged by the lich's AOEs, making the subsequent fight against the Parasitic Hearts much easier. Also, a word of warning: the Parasitic Hearts hit for quite a bit of damage. If you have a summoner with Dominate Mind, the fight will go much smoother.
First encounter after setting him free by the overturned dwarf cart, I asked him about the mess and how he planned on getting his soul jar. When he said by killing more people I engaged battle. Mid fight, everyone within striking distance, he dropped out of the battle queue and healed to full, starting on the loop of his pre-dialogue animation (wandering, crouching, munching around the fallen cart). Finished the battle with the raised dwarves. I could not talk to him, but I could manually target and damage him. I whittled him to zero, but at no point did official battle start. He's at zero, bleeding from tendon damage as he wanders around. Not sure how to forward this bugged out debacle.
Sooooo....I pickpocketed his soul jar before he left on the alter encounter. No XP. No fight. No quest completion.
what if im playing by myself and im undead can i still do the final mission? how do i get blood for him to enter
Shapeshifter helment
Shapeshifter helmet didn't work for me.
Blood Rain
This guide is confusing, and it's understandable as the game is rather confusing in places. I have the Mystic tag and learned his name was Xhaxh on the first encounter (basement). On the 2nd encounter (lower Cloisterwood x:230, y:195) he disappears after I attack him, kill the undead dwarves and then spare him in conversation. I also pressed him on his Xhaxh identity in the 1st conversation of the 2nd encounter, but I didn't offer him source before attacking him.
In DE, in the third encounter he summons only one heart and the heart doesn't give exp :(
not true... i just did it, i waited for him to spawn the chest and immediately attacked him and then he teleports onto the ledge, 4 parasitic hearts appear around the altar and then his first move is always deady spores on the character that attacked him (pretty much an instakill) and then he summons a fifth heart and that one is worth 0 xp because it counts as a "summoned monster", but the other 4 hearts are worth 3750 xp each
yea some situations in this game are tricky and way too specific IMO. You have to let him spawn the chest which essentially ends the quest, you also have to be quick and attack him immediately after that happens if not he will teleport and vanish. If done correctly he gets mad and summons a couple of enemies. I would also let one of your characters talk to him before chest spawn and switch to your others to position them for battle on ledge if you have some ranged characters. While one character is talking to him, buff everyone to holy hell lol and summon any incarnates you may have before you end conversation and attack him
He’s nowhere to be found after I let him go at the first time. I’m almost finishing act 2 and he’s not near altar in Cloisterwood. I tried save and load but still I can’t find him
Same here. The Lich is not present in Cloisterwood after first encounter in underground.