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Fistful of Trash amiright
Boi you must have used it so wrong, how? lol
Pocket Sand!
Sha sha shaaaa!
Ahh my eyes, wait I’m wearing a mask
Best item in the game
Is there a merchant or which enemies drop it? Best item.
Genichiro won’t stand a chance
Group of Enemies by the Mibu Village idol on up the river on the left by the first buildings can be farmed.
once you've kill them, additional enemies will spawn from the ground.
This is the best best in the game and it’s it free!! Farm near mini village idol
I see no reason to use any prosthetic tools when you may simply spam this mighty fistful of ash on enemies or bosses' faces.
Not being an Honorable Fighter has it's own perks, Ask the dead if fighting fair saved them, their silence would be your answer.
oh god, such a cringy comment
that's cringe bro