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This quest won't complete for me in the EA version. Elodi thanked me in the cave for saving her, but the Journal entry doesn't update.



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Did you report the bug in the forum? If not I'll make a note to do so for you. Any specifics of what may have triggered the bug?
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This quest was bugged for me and my friend playing too. The quest didn't update after we'd helped Elodi and killed the thugs. After we spoke to her in the cave the quest didn't update either or complete.
i Also had a bug with this, she said thanks and nothing happened. also having bugs with the mogi quest in giving him the yarrow flower. i have it in my inventory but its not giving me the option to give him the flower
I had it in a backpack and while "giving" it to Migo through the dialogue option, he gave me his ring for it, the flower stayed in the backpack, resulting in having both, the ring and the flower. Strange how some quest items work, when you try to keep your inventory organized. XD
We are with the two elves in the cavern but discussion doesn't help, the quests marks are visible on mini map but we are unable to complete the quest too.
Alternatively, if you go into the cave first without talking to Ifan or Elody, she will be dead and Ifan will be standing there still.
I saved Elody and didn't realise it was meant to trigger something. It didn't, was stuck as others mentioned. But then I did a quickload back to just after it and the quest kicked in. Try that if having troubles
I saved her, then I talked to the thugs and they literally swore at me.
*Gasp* What!? A pair of attempted murderers used NAUGHTY LANGUAGE!? They're worse than I thought!
she bugged red prince and he cant interact with anything
*****, this is my first time playing the game. I just walked up to the waypoint and unknowingly went to the beach. I didn't know travelling back would let her die. 8(