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Just imagine parry with THIS shield. RIP pvp lel
The fact that it's got Weapon Skill is one of its best qualities though!

Medium shield parry isn't that great in this game, but there are plenty of solid shields with the parry skill.
2 words: Farron Greatsword.
Well lorewise, the shield is for Hunting demons not people ya know
"Hey there Kiddo! I see you got great magic shield on that +3 black knight shield!"
"Hell yeah I do! Good luck guard breaking me!"
"Wouldn't it be a shame *Throws duel charm* IF SOMEONE RUINED YOU'RE ENTIRE BUILD!?*
"Oh no! I only maxed for one cast! Too bad i don't have a back up plan, guess I'll die!"
And thats why you don't use great magic shield! Like, srsly even if you don't have duel charms, just wait for it to go away lol.
WTAF is this comment
Great shield all-around, but not for every build. A heavyweight build usually benefits more from a greatshield, while lighter builds generally can’t accomodate its weight. I like it for Strength-caster hybrid builds, when I’m using light-ish armor but investing a handful of points in vit anyways.
Anyone Else think that with this shield with Yuria's Mask, the black night Chest, Legs, Guantlets, and the followers sabre makes one hell of a Black Luster Soldier cosplay?
I stupidly read the whole comment while jacking off just to get to the end and realizing I had to finish while not knowing who the ***** that is. ***** you dude worst orgasm ever
Anyone willing to give a black night's shield?
forgot to add, its for xbox one
Just go get one?
What's the point of playing Dark Souls if you want everything easy?
Not hard to farm at all, for *****'s sake. Should take like 5 minutes.



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Most shields I've seen have been a trade-off of either Look really good, but the shield itself is useless, or the shield is GOD-TIER!... but its **** for fashion. This shield is that exception that is so dam perfect in both categories. It's defense values and stability are amazing, AND it looks amazing with a number of sets. (I'm personally using it with Vinhelm's helmet and the BK set)
Great at blocking attacks, even better for blocking any skill from entering your brain