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The first time, easy enough. NG+ though... Ugh. It’s not that dodging him is hard, it’s just that he often steamrolls past everything you throw at him and you can only *****slap him once or twice per move. Considering that he resist everything save Strike damage, chipping at him for, like, 12 straight minutes ain’t fun.
Everyone keeps saying that this boss is easy but I find him to be the hardest boss by a landslide
I think the issue is just that he can be cheesed very easily. First time I fought him, I mistimed a dodge and he basically combo'd me to death. Second time I basically stunlocked him with a greatsword. Third time was on my next character, a caster. The right caster build can melt him in mere seconds, which is exactly what happened. Fought properly he is indeed possibly the hardest fight in the game. But he is deceptively squishy and easy to stun for the 'final boss', so certain builds or weapons can destroy him with relative ease.
just use any tactic that doesnt involve getting hit and you should be fine.
Heh, I walljumped so high that the game thought i was no longer in a boss battle, then when i fell back in the arena the game did that introduction zoom again and i shat myself because i thought his health was going to be reset, thank this guy his health was still where i left it.
When I read that the final boss has crappy Balance/Poise, I equipped the ring that increases stagger damage. The fight was disappointingly short.
My best and only weapon is the Naginata. So =/
nameless god is easy I killed him with the same sword as the clip but without a shield
this boss is rediculously easy if you have dark swarm... just spam it and keep your distance, he has no chance whatsoever...
This boss is also ridiculously easy if you just be naked and roll at right times.
it seems like this boos is actually the one that you worship in the swamp near the mad alchemist
First time I entered I had a glitch where I was grabbed and thrown inside the wall, to which he killed me. The boss arenas in this game have been more of an issue than the bosses themselves
but if you play melee-shield build you can use that as tactic to make boss only do melee damage now we can block with high physical defense shield and attack while he pause his attacks
Best tactic I found was either wating for him to do the move where he throws the sword up in the air then wating for his afterswing and attacking or keeping distance and waiting near the walls for one of his charges so you can jump over him and attack. Was using Steel Centipede two hand (so next to no dmg) and could barely take a hit so it should work if you're struggling.
Only mage build that can beat this boss down in short-time fight is using dark reach or you can't even make his hp lower than half
And you must know that your mage build will get very hard fight against this boss in ng+