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Kinda wished they filled the missing Veils for some of these sets, for example, there no GX Stinger-type Veil, or a Queenslayer Hounds or Ivy-type Veil.
ever thought some things might be exclusive to them?
Ivy type blood veils can move the charged drain attack aoe. While charging, use the movement keys/stick to move it around.



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This makes me wish the others had similar abilities. Like being able to aim the stinger, or direct the hounds to attack different enemies.
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You are my savior, how the hell did i not try this....
I seriously wish the Night Spear or Silver Garb had blue variants.
I wish you could color blood veils yourself instead of having to buy the color variants.
i would like to be better in this game or have 100% alvays parry/dodge hack
if you can get other character weapon? why you cant get their blood veil? this is bugs me.
the weapons they have are obviously different but there blood veils are the same as the ones you can get from murasame
How do you get the Imperial Raiment
Find the Ivory Grace in provisional government center then buy it in Murasame's shop
I think the "Festive Series" of Blood Veils are the same as the other variants of the "Night Series" veils. They have the same stats and scaling.