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Here you can also hide behind the pillars and bosses do not attack violently so there is plenty of time to run around. The bosses in DS2 have no hiding places.
No? What about the Boss from the Iron Castle then? Or the forgotten Giant? (between his legs?) The giant king who could not walk up to you on the ramp? And the dancer gets you anyway. She does not sit around poking thin air until she dies of old age.
Dancer of the Boreal Valley gives you plenty of time and does not attack continuously like other DS2 bosses. I ran and stood behind the pillar to use magic to recover. Old Iron King? Giant 2 hit you will die so always be careful. King 1 horizontal slash is dead. Recovery in DS2 is very slow and cannot move while using estus.
well, for the bosses in sotfs, the hiding places are the 300 npcs you can always summon ds2 mechanically is only hard because of forced adp minimum (til then you can resort to using drangelic shield 80% of the game, and in game nerfs like holding many giant souls or lighting the sinners room or pursuers ballistae or removing raimes heals) and scalable armor (which only applies early game)... most of ds2 i either rotate around the boss that is too slow to hit or hug the leg of the boss too big to hit
Reminds me a lot of Bloodborne's Wet Nurse. They both arrive from above, they have similar walking styles (bent forward), both have their faces hidden, wears a hood with adornments and both have fast, spinning attacks while wielding multiple blades.
Except the dancer is actually hard to fight lol
Yeah when I first fought the WN I was terrified because people said she was awful, but she turned out to be very easy to dodge and luckily her smoke cloning skill didnt trigger
I just beat her first try at level 41 using the Dark Hand. Just staying behind her and watching for her spin attacks
What's with the grabs in this game? They all have such a ridiculous hitbox... Great boss, but this grab is really annoying, it looks like you dodged it, yet you didn't.
I hate it when I dodged and suddenly teleport into her hand. Still stuck at phase 2
God, the DS3 team is so *****ing lazy with their game design. You can tell this boss is just an unused asset from Bloodborne, that they decided to haphazardously put into the DS3 near the end of the game, as they were running out of ideas. It feels like half of this game is just recycled assets from Bloodborne and it's honestly disgusting how lazy the dev team was. Bloody hell.
oh shut the ***** up
Were you on tha team? Wtf do you know
Are you on something there are like two enemies that would be ten times more likely to be in Bloodborne and those are the pontiff dogs and pontiff he’ll spiders
You cannot cheese this fight anymore at the beginning of the game with the Sword master. The "glitch" feature doesn't work, its been patched. The sword master goes down faster than a nymphomaniac
225,000 souls on NG+6. Not 220,500
For all of my fallen brothers in arms who tried to kill her before the appointed time i hope that Sullyvahn (before he turned her into this) tortured her very badly like allowing worms to eat through her rotting flesh while she's alive and sane- badly.
Why the resentment? We did something dumb and the game punished us with a midgame boss lmao
Holy***** that I’d *****ed up wtf lol


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Way ahead of you mate.
She is so *****ing easy I beat her first time ever playing dark souls games after 1st try, she's not that hard just stick to her butt and burst her while rolling away on some attacks
Would you like a medal?
Too Easy. I used a raw broadsword + 1 at SL 14
Edit*: I didn't get hit once and did it solo
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